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Loving Touch Leads to Intimacy

When we were born; we thought our first experience of creation was coming out of the womb into the earthly realm. We thought that sacred sexuality was understood as we grew into adults. When our mother or caregiver's loving stroke of our cheek, cradling

and holding you was our first experience of love.

On the contrary, the first experience of sacred sexuality came from a male and female in union that created you by merging both into each other's bodies through their

sexual encounter. Maybe it wasn't love for some, maybe just raw sex. Maybe it wasn't intimacy at all. Whatever the experience the male and female merged and here you are.

The lack of touch can lead also to a yearning for it and sometimes devaluing your own sacred sexuality. It is essential you love yourself, self-care for yourself and this is

an act of love. How have you been treating yourself lately? Have you admired yourself

in the mirror and commented on what you love and what is passionate about yourself?

Take note of the admiration of how you love yourself in all flaws completely. Have you not connected to yourself lately? Are you looking outside for love?

First feel it in you and you can send out that vibe and people will LOVE to be around you.

Another focus is on pleasure. Why do we look to other's to give us pleasure. When we were teens we discovered our bodies forming into adult bodies. The hormones rushing and the wonder and raw sexual feelings that overwhelmed us and we worried and questioned whether this was okay. If you have been made ashamed of this natural process; then you may retaliate or you may retreat inside yourself and leave all the openness to learning out. The most you can know how to pleasure yourself is to do it for you and not because someone else says this is right or wrong. Have you been fooled that pleasure only occurs with outside people? Have you learned to pleasure

yourself first in order to be able to ask for it with your partner or lover? We have been programmed to be ashamed of this in religious teachings. Re-invent yourself and know what pleases you. Then share it with someone you trust, respects and both mutually agree to consent and evolve.

The next thing I would like to talk about is sensuality. Oh yes, The Goddess Oshun is ready to ignite this wonderful ingredient of can't have sensuality in order to have attraction. Have you anointed your sacred self with oils, drawn a bath, eaten and drank like a God or Goddess? Have you adorned yourself with silk, satin, lace or leather or simply in the raw ....or anything that entices or unfolds you as a sensual being. Have you tried movement of your body? Look at yourself and adorn yourself with any and all you feel makes you a sensual being but it starts in the mind and you explore this wonderful journey. It's a dance with romance and love with pleasure. The Goddess Hathor is ready to sprinkle her pleasure dust upon you to discover or re-discover what pleasures you in all the 5 senses.

Since this is the time of love, pleasure and sensuality let's add an extra ingredient to the mix that makes a "Concoction of Love" for your called "Sexuality." Yes, Goddess Aphrodite and Cupid can assist. Without it; you wouldn't be here. It is for adults of all ages and cultures. When you deny yourself this; you can become a desperate seeker without clarity in life. Angry or sad and nervous because sexuality is a healer. It is essential when couples are together young and grow into being older; to discover what works between you, what is comfortable and what to explore with complete permission. It is something not for young people only. When you truly love yourself, find pleasure in yourself and see yourself as a sensual being; you then know that anyone loves sex if they are healed and move into the comfort of loving

embraces, strokes, touches, snuggles, and ecstasy. That we are the creative sexual force within us to be freed and not judged.

I am in my 50s and sometimes people tell me and my husband: "Get a room!" I say to you: "What about you?" I don't think anyone can be happy in the long term without sex. It is the essential to discover with each different partner or relationship. It is also expands into adjustments and new discoveries as we age. There are plenty of women and men in the 40s and beyond even into the 70s+ years of age that have desire and yearning for new sexual encounters or explorations with the ones you love. Don't tell yourself that you are too old to free your inner creative force. Be spontaneous. I say to elderly couples that once you've had family children and grandchildren; you must remember that the children and grandchildren are great but remember you started with just you two as a couple and how beautiful is that as a reminder to explore and engage in sexual encounters, role play, try different positions than the ones in your 20s-40s you cannot do but try other positions, the spark the makes the Universe glow. Hey, I am living my life and I am not ashamed to love sex and all the above. It makes the world spin. Be playful and free and "Happy Unconditional Love" month to you all. Let's make it a time beyond an illusional holiday. The Goddess of Sexuality is Freya and she appears only dressed in her skin and cloak of feathers to inspire you to explore your own sexuality.

So this month and every month ask you self to explore what is love, what is pleasure, what is sensuality and sexuality. Honor your Sacred Sexuality. Don't be ashamed to be the Seductor or Seductress and claim your seduction of all that you are. Your inner creative sparks this and enjoy it with complete surrender that it is not a taboo.

I wish you many encounters of love, pleasure, sensuality and sacred sexuality. Now go and make some noise!

Much much love.

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