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Allergy Free Chef Recipe - Latin Roots

Hello My Loves;

I have a meal that you will love that is vegan, gluten-egg-dairy free.

1 soup mix listed below - washed & chopped

3 bundles of celanthro washed & chopped

2 limes - squeeze juice

1 camote peeled and chopped

2 cassava = peeled and chopped and deveined

Mayame another tuber - peeled and chopped

1 box cashew, carrot squash soup - 1 cup (Pacific brand)

1 box of vegetable broth (Simple truth or organic)

1/2 cup green lentils no soak required of the small kind (simple truth)

Use Olive Oil to saute 2 T. (Tablespoons)

Use Sea salt 1 to 2 t. (teaspoons)

This is from the Latin roots. We went to a carneceria (hispanic grocery) and there were fresh groceries.There were the camote, another root vegetable & cassava on display. I then saw the napola (prickly pear cactus diced), fresh celanthro, limes, tomatoes (Plum), a soup mix - one small corn on the cob, half a chayote (squash), jalapeno, potato, carrot, cebolla squash almost like a zucchini.

I then purchased some vegetable broth and vegan cashew-carrot-squash soup as the thickener base. I chopped these up and sauteed medium and chopped onions and had onion powder and garlic powder with ground cumin and red chili ground. I put a couple teaspoons of the cumin, garlic and onion and a 1/4 t. of chili powder. Add the roots or tubers and add the soups and broth. Add the lentiles and chopped soup mix (all vegetables). Squeeze the lime and add the celanthro. Let the soup cook on medium flame for about 45 minutes to 1 hour til the roots are done.

Mashed Roots:

2 Cassava/Yucca

1 camote

1 mayamote

2 t. Earthbalance or 2 T olive oil

garlic powder to taste

1/2 cup almond milk

Take the cassava, camote and mayamote and peel about 2 cassava, 1 camote and mayamote and diced then take a large pot and boil about 12 cups water with sea salt.

Add to the boiling water the roots/tubers above and 30 to 40 minutes test til fork goes through. If done, drain the water and then take a potato masher and mash removing

any cassava/yucca root veins and then add Earthbalance butter or olive oil with garlic powder and almond milk to make a mash potato consistency...maybe lumpy or slightly thicker but it's all good. Cook on medium heat and serve like mashed potatoes.

Dr Preager's vegatable pattie cook on burner with olive oil til slightly brown on both sides. There are many flavors so you choose what you'd like one pattie of the large one does it.

Raw Latin Roots Salad

1 Large mango just ripe and evenly colored light green and orange - peeled and diced

1 Jicama - peeled and chopped

2 cucumbers - peeled and chopped

Taijin low sodium light shake and mix in

2 T Apple cider vinegar unfiltered

Take these chopped items and mix together. Add the vinegar and then light shake the Taijin powder and mix. Serve chilled and very nutritious.


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