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Riding the Waves of Grief

Grief is many waves of ups and the waves on an never can tell how long, how high or how turbulent it is. Breath and ride the wave; honor your emotions and know it is a process that there is no measured timeline, numbered steps and duration of supposed to be's to be concerned about.

Remember, the progress of moving forward and the times of strength that become the support or foundation forward as you go through this wave to get you are no less, nor weak, you are not stupid or a fool to be in the process of releases of attachment that are slowly dissolving in your time...remember you as the Phoenix Rising and burning each wave, each process and celebrate the renewal you are becoming each may burn many times, high or low, short or comforted the process will transform you into a stronger being.

Grief doesn't choose choice candidates or bad ones is a process of life. I remember losing my youngest...I didn't sing for a year nor dance. It was a process I felt internal Love missed that part of had to pass this silence with the tears and all these had to be that God needed another angel and I had to understand that again that we are souls walking in fleshly robes on this earth...unify and love each other...we all are in the process of life...forgive oneself and feel no guilt...that past is not coming back again... for the now and the future of transformation occurs with deep focus and commitment as it aligns the heart with the mind and body and let the soul take you through the waves. I love you all.

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