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Signs or Signals from Above

Hello Beautiful Earth Dwellers! What a beautiful time of year of Spring.

The Goddess Coatlicue is the Aztecan Goddess of Mesoamerican culture.

She is the Mother Goddess of the Earth. She is Goddess or life and death, warfare and agriculture.

The legend of this Goddess is that is not a pretty site but a powerful one to behold.

She has two snake heads, breasts that droop due to nourishing all life on earth, wears a rattle snake skirt and necklace of bloody skulls. She is here not to destroy you as we have enough of this darkness all around us to push through and test our committment to peace and nourishment of mind, body and soul.

How often have we neglected the soul parts of the signs of signals from above

by dismissing the synchronicity or our intuition. How many times have we dreamed of doing something with passion and our soul aches for this? Have we forgotten our spiritual self? Have we not believed in the miracle within you to listen, see and learn to understand your personal connection to the Divine? Well, Coatlicue is here to help you.

Have you been asking a question or worried about getting confirmation or the answer from the Divine but yet have not journaled and noted the signs that show up. Is it something from nature or a crystal or stone? Is it a flower or animal? Is it a familiar smell from our beloved ancestors/elders passed on. A food or space by touching an object of your travels or adventures that takes you back to where you were coping with an issue or a cyclical pattern of issues to address and clear for yourself? Have you looked in silence and wondered and then the radio plays a phrase that answers over and over again. Have you had an object that you had forgotten fall out of a place or in storage that reminds you of how to identify and answers your questions from a loved one or or your own? These are essential because the Divine doesn't always plop the full answer on your lap only the clue and you recognizing this and writing this down in your Spiritual life journal reveals this.

Take a moment in your day without the media or television or phone or social media; spend some time nurturing yourself in self-discovery. I remember when I got my signs I asked specifically to give me one but sometimes they are there and we become too emotional to see what's right in front of us. So Spirit let's it happen a few more times til you notice and research and study the meanings behind the signs, the animal or plant medicine or crystal.

On this journey; the Earthly Temple Dragon was to take you to a Sacred Mountain outside of Olmec and past the Aztecan pyramids. It is the Guardian of the Treasures of the Earth and you are a Treasure. The Goddess has assigned this Dragon to you go take you there and protect you. It is a huge enormous Dragon. You notice it's scales, legs and wings and vast head with eyes looking gently at you. You understand there is no fear in this journey and trust. The Dragon crouches and lays it's tail near your Sacred Body as your Earthly Body relaxes and you climb up it's tail to the middle of it's back and hold onto it's scales. You notice the color and texture of the Dragon. It leaps with great force into the cloud dusted skies on a sunny day where you travel past the Aztecan ancient city below you and to the mountains made of jade. This is a Sacred Mountain and there are many but this one the Dragon descends gently down and stands still to let you off. You climb off the Majestic Guardian of the Earth and there stands Goddess Coatlicue.

The Mountain is Green Jade. To the Aztecs is a sacred symbol of life (corn/nourishment) and ritual. This High Priestess has transformed her head into a human one with snake like hair and headdress. She is hold sacred copal and sage bundles to clear and prepare you for your journey into the Jade Mountain. She hands you a pouch with Frankincense and myrrh as your offering. It is time you take time to reflect what signs or signals you have missed and you journey listening to the hollow footsteps of your own but the stairs lead upward to the Chamber of Healing. You hear water drizzle and flow and smell the water.

You enter the Chamber. There is a stone jade bed and four Priestesses around the bed. They have snake skirts and human heads with headdresses for ceremony and hold bundles of the sage and copal to cleanse you again. You hand your offering to a Priestess; she takes it to a table and is pleased with this unusual offering from another land that has not been seen by them and grinds the raw frankincense and myrrh and burns it. They lay a sacred cloth on the bed with sacred spiritual markings and ask you to lay on the jade bed for healing. The Priestesses chant around you circling you as you feel the high vibrations increase in a room swirling around you but yet you are relaxed.

You look upward to the top of the chamber and it is opened to the outside world. A small portal of magic where there are wispy clouds that part to reveal like a clear pool of water that you can view your hidden or forgotten signs on your path that have answered a 'yes' or 'no' or encouragement or redirection. You take the time to notice if it is ancestors or beloveds, plant, animal, objects, etc. and notice how often they occur as you pick one of these to observe as this journey is not for just one time to revisit the Goddess and the her Priestesses. They show me a scroll to write down as your journal in ancient signs or signals you keep track of or research for meaning. This is your life journey and you are never alone and all are your support in your spiritual path is recognizing the signs upon the earth if you truly believe the unlimited resources we can tap into once we allow ourselves to know we are part of the Divine and your Path is your responsibility to pinpoint, research and apply these trusting in your intuition.

Trust yourself because Spirit already does has he/she has given you that gift. Exercise it just like your body and mind and feel the complete connectedness to all. So take this in and the the Priestess give you the cloth you were healed onto remind you to keep as your journey and reminder of the signs and signals to journal and learn from. The cloth feels warm and you give thanks to the Priestesses and outside the mountain you thank the Goddess Coatlicue and the Dragon awaits to return you back to your earthly body and join this experience of love and self discovery grounded and then awakened into the room ready to take note of your life as a valued beautiful being.

Thank you, peace to you and Namaste.

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