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April 14, 2018

World is changing all the time...universe is changing, we are changing, our relationships changing. So many different types of relationships exist to figure out what gives us happiness in ourselves and with each other...Marriage is sacred if you feel commitment and growth are worth working on within and together and a part of your own belief system not just dictated by an institution, your family or culture, etc. Other types of relationships can be sacred to commitment and respect of each other and boundaries and exploring ways to make it a happy and harmonious one. Society and cultures are changing as well and religious and spiritual beliefs. We are expanding and learning at the same time whether we fall or leads to lessons we live every day.

Sometimes, others may test your commitment by seeing if you will explore their way or world of what commitment and relationships are...ask yourself is this for me or am I feeling or being influenced by their world or by my own thought out choices. Am I truthful to feel emotions that are otherwise but committed to the words we say we are. Love yourself to be truthful and then acknowledge the imperfection is the lesson to learn along with others as we understand each other and our boundaries are included. I have been approached by both male and female but they have to know the road leads to friendship or nothing and no more...we can mirror our lessons and push through the obstacles in the long term it would create on the path we have to walk.

Be the Divinity you are and nothing less. Everything is make it good. Hugs even the wise educated ones settled in the theories and teachings that worked find that re-establishing their importance to the reference and credentials of the past do not equate the every changing world in the now and for those open without formal training to the Spirit have a connection in trust. Trust each other to learn the educated book one and the trusting in the spirit without books are valuable tools to learn from each other. There's no hierarchy of Spirit. There's so much more...we are not above or below but expansions of pure light possibilities...visiting the darkside? How inviting but how not worth the off focus of your Divinity. Ask yourself how exciting is it to be Truth than unclear, unfocused and distracted by the fear and pleasures of life used to avoid your own growth and becoming a Being of Unlimited Creative Possibilities of Light. Hugs.

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