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Appreciating Wholeness and Honoring the Maternal Energies in Your Life

The Goddess Ghyldeptis of the Alaskan and Canadian tribes:

Known to the Tlingit and Haida peoples of Alaska and Canada. There was chaos in nature and she created a feast in her water domain to ask the wind, fire, earth, water and air to be kindred to the land and the humans in it. They agreed and chaos transformed into peace especially peaceful waters with their assistance.

Her name means long hanging hair and is a Native American Goddess. She asks that we gather our own pieces of self left in areas back into healing. The pieces that were left behind when you felt abandoned, unloved or unsupported or upset and allow these pieces to assemble back to its rightful place of honor in your body. Ask what each piece needs and fulfill this until you are whole. When you reach wholeness you can understand the appreciation of the Maternal energies around you and have affected you throughout your life. The Nurturer, teacher, kind reflective observer and gentle power of healing without fear in the Maternal although Paternal is more strategic, fast action, boisterous and loud power with physical strength without fear.

Our journey begins with entry to a magical forest for the universal lesson of the time with Ghyldeptis in which a tunnel appears. It is inviting to you and your curiosity goes down the tunnel with ease and protection of your pure light helpers to a water slide that is warm and smooth sliding down into a clear water. You are in the river that leads to the Goddess. You notice the forest is filled with smells of fresh air, cool against your a space when a bird or frog is comforted and coos in or makes pleased and comforting noises. You settle in the water but see a large leaf the size of your body and you float on top of the leaf and it carries you towards a magical forest as the water drips off your skin and body off the leaf you float and notice the trees, the birds or any animal in this forest.

The tree vines are noticed reminds you of the adventures of Tarzan swing on the vines but instead they magically grab hold of each corner of the leaf you are on very gently and position it like a hammock. You are comforted and sink deeper into this makeshift hammock. The vines pass you to other vines from other trees and not once are you dropped. Carried like a blessed bundle at birth. The tree vines then hand you off to the tree vines on the land.

You see in front of you a feminine shape. It is the Goddess Ghyldeptis. Her name means long hanging hair shaped by the moss and branches of leaves of the forest. She is a Nature and Green Earth Goddess and her eyes are gently open as if to smile at you. She is so kind and you see the Ravens decorate her head as she wears a gown of varied greenery, flowers & plants and the animals as well. She tells you it is time you remembered the maternal energies no matter what gender, gender orientation, culture, or religious spiritual or tribal or societal following. It is the people in your life that taught you to be strong, patient, loving, persevere, teach and learn and anything you had passion directed to. How some taught you loyalty, courage and many other positives in your life. Have you forgotten some of these gifts the maternal has taught you? It is time to revisit and claim back what you have from your maternal energies. As you think about the maternal loving energy that is all embracing; remember to re -commit to those lessons, attributes and think of how to show your appreciation by painting, by singing, by poetry, dance or saying how much you appreciate your positive maternal influences. You know what their passion is and with passion you show your love. Now as your sacred eyes look at Ghyldeptis; she has a emerald green waterfall coming from her heart (the sweetness of life) and it drips into her hands outreached towards you and the emerald sparkling heart chakra water falls into your heart. Removing any obstacle to sweetness of life and enables you to appreciate those who have been there for you.

Now sit with this and it fills your heart and commit to Ghyldeptis your appreciation for her life lesson and what you take from your sacred experience back into your physical body to finish the cycle of spiritual work into physical ways to show your appreciation to your maternal forward flowing influence. Much love, many thanks to the Goddess Ghyldeptis and to you all for your heartfelt journey as the tree vines pass you over the land into the very sacred river where chaos was resolved and is peaceful from all the elements not giving into chaos. This is blessed work as the tree vines pass you back to where you floated in the beginning in the water floating back to your body in this room. You have done wonderful work in giving thanks to the Maternal & act on it in the physical realm. Peace and Namaste.

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