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Peace Journey Universal Beliefs and Spirituality

Journeying into Peace by Blue Thunder (Personal Journey). In this journey, taking a leap and sharing my peace journey detailed intertwined with the storytelling yesterday.

I grounded myself and filled with light and one of my power animals newly joined - the Bear (Beloved Bear) lay across my earthly body's lap and licked my face to protect me as my Sacred body was accompanied by the Jaguar to the sacred realm into a forest at the foot of a trail. My Jaguar (Cosmic Cat) growled not to enter the trail and told me to shape-shift into a power animal and I became my red-tailed Hawk (Holy Hawk) and I sat at the top of the fir tree. I was going to travel higher past the sky and stars and Universe into the space of First Thought of Creation into the Void. This is where you are only an idea and you are formless before becoming flesh.

I heard a voice that was familiar to me to visit the Greek God and Goddess in Mt. Olympus. Zeus and Hera were there and welcomed me into the Kingdom. I sat into Zeus's left hand as a white dove. He calls me "Dove" at times I visit. He wanted to teach me things instead of greet me and learn from another God/Goddess for the Universal Lesson as usual. Instead, He closed his left hand but held me securely and not crushing comfortably to protect me in this journey even more and beckoned me to come beyond the earth & sky, beyond the stairs and into the realm of the void where we are first incarnated. It was a place where gasses met of each of us while we spoke to the Council of 12 Advisors on what lessons, encounters, features, gender, and spiritual or religious lesson we would experience. It was time to plan our soul expansion. This is where Heaven meets Earth.

Let us go on this journey of peace. You ground and surrender you body and send all that does not empower you out with your breath. Breath in through your nose and filling your lung and belly and then blowing out the stress, anxiety and anything that does not equate peace. This is your gift to revisit your Sacred Self. Do this a few times as your face muscles and the rest of you body sinks in deeper into Mother Earth. She supports and gives life to all. As you do this you breath in peace again and again. Then relax your spine and body and surrender into peace again breathing softly and gently with love. You come from Love and you are made from Love.

Before your soul enters the Womb of Incarnation; after meeting with your Council of 12 to define your earthly life; you enter a spiritual sanctuary. You are ready to remember your sacred calling. You leave the Chamber of the Council of 12, past the main hall to an adjacent building where there's a door never seen before on other occasions until this moment as you are ready to evolve. It opens and you enter into a room of great light so bright to your eyes at first but you adjust to the light (like in life) and walk to Chambers of Chanting Compassionate Enlightened Souls. You see the Great One, Spirit/ God/Goddess as a huge ball of Compassionate Light above the Chambers. You hear the chants of Latin, Hindu, Jewish, African, Native American, Tibetan, Islamic and so much more. You are drawn to a chamber and are clothed by Compassionate Chanting Enlightened Souls to join them in silence and they gift you either a robe, headdress and amulet that welcomes you into Universal Understanding of Peace. You listen and feel the love and peace and start to chant or hum with them. As you are chanting; you see a Cord of Light from each Chamber into the Great One and Ball of Compassionate Light Being - The Creator. The Creator is sending love to you and each Chamber sending it back. It is a flow of ease of peace. You experience so much of peace as a Chamber of Higher Vibrations with every breath. Gentle tears of release and surrender are kissed by the wind to dry them. This feels like a unit of love in your heart and mind and body with the Compassionate Enlightened Souls and you are all One. The Higher Vibrations of Peace are felt and raised as one unit, one community in peace. Peace is the doorway to unlimited positive possibilities. Now you are ready diving into your Womb of Incarnation and become an Earthdweller ready to learn, live and walk your path as you already know what you look like and are being because of what you are already are doing on this Earth today.

Inspired, think of the actions of peace together in Union of Peace on this Earth and how you will do it. It doesn't matter how great or small. Do not measure it; just work towards peace in yourself first, in others and together. There's no limit to peace in your heart.

Now take this feeling and give thanks to the Compassionate Chamber of Enlightened Souls of their Unity of Teachings and Gifts of acceptance and promise to commit to their ease of flow of peace as One on Earth together. It is time to rejoin your Earthly Body and walk in this world with your Power of Peace as One in Universal Understanding and Love. As you enter your Earthly Body; you see a purple ring of light around your head like a halo...the symbol of the Higher Self where there is no lack, no war, no doubt, no fear, no worries or anxiety and everyone and everything is in harmony and cared for. Peace gifted to another in a compassionate gesture goes a long way without judgment. See this purple light of Higher Self run down from your head to your toes. Remember the Higher Self thinking provides no judgment and only pure peace in our mind, body and soul. When you are ready; awaken into your Divinity into this room and open your eyes. Thank you. Peace to you. Namaste and Thank you for Being Here in Peace. Warrior of Peace walk on and commit only to compassionate resolutions. Send any peace to those who have not been peaceful to you. Since it is Memorial Day Weekend; send peace to those who have passed as well or anyone you have known you have wished peace in their passing. Thank you and Peace again to you all.

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