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Honoring the Masculine Divine by Eliminating Stereotypes & Ancient Programming for Summer Solstice

In this Storytelling Sound Heal; there we many Pure Light Entities gathered

to assist in honoring the Masculine Divine. Summer Solstice is June 19-22, 2019 this year.

This is the time the first day of Summer is marked and celebrated by those who cherish our ever changing world, weather and divinity stories. The Sun is the symbol of male power. In this journey, I will assist in the face divisions created by ancient stories from the beginning of time through our ancestors and passed on the defeat our peaceful harmony between

the masculine and feminine.

In this story, the false notion that man was created first by a male God and then woman from man makes no sense if you think about it. Now I know I am going to rock your mind. Be open to this knowledge I am channeling to understand why. The story is the Gods and Goddesses created man and woman at the same time. Now think about that and they planted a beautiful paradise for them. Imagine that? That changes everything to how we view what is masculinity and if you take note; the woman is submissive. Wisdom is a woman coming into the story viewed as wicked and a serpent when she shares with woman that she has how own divinity and power. This is where the false notions that a woman is the weaker sex and to follow the man as he was first and superior.

What did woman do with this knowledge when cast out of paradise? She wanted to overpower man and were leaders and healers as we are told. Man, of course, resented and the gift of Divine Will from the Gods and Goddesses were told to man & woman to use wisely. Man then became stronger with force, being a warrior, shutting off emotions and looking at vulnerability as a weakness and mental illness (temporary depression and anxiety as usage of addicted habits to ignore and suppress their mental health. Think about the stereotypes, jobs, passions, manners of acting and dressing that we start to label all these false divisions. We thank the LGBTQ community for proving the variations of this feminine and masculine expression because these are all false. I will take you on a journey of the new story of balance and harmony with men and women. This is what causes rifts between us because we are ingrained by our ancestors in our very cellular make up and say things like: "A woman's job is this." "A man's job is this and the limitations and closure of understanding and embracing each other.

This is the time the women are coming back into their own power but we must not make the mistake of over powering the sexes in our minds and repeat it. We must understand the women who are united can be united with the masculine divine/men by embracing them and allowing them to be human beings and encourage their passions and existence can be whole by encouraging them to be vulnerable and express their mental state of mind when depressed. We pressure men to forget their humanity and that is not healthy. So the journey will begin in the void of creation before we are flesh.

In this story your earth body grounded, and breathed in your divinity. How precious you are. Breathing and relaxing every muscle and being connected to Mother Earth. Just breathing this cycle of surrendering and peace into your mind and body for this soul journey. As you travel to a dimension in space beyond the stars and planets to the void of creation where you were a mere idea and gases. There you see many Gods and Goddesses of diversity welcoming your plan to re-enter the earth realm for my expansion. They discuss with you what you would look like, passions, triumphs, life theme, lessons and triumphs. See yourself and you pick a place on earth to exist and as your soul travels down to earth; your fleshly temple is forming and when you land you are complete. You are observing your surroundings, the nature and beauty. Are you in the beach, jungle, desert, forest, or mountains or valley? Take note of the smells and the floral or fauna around you.

Then you observe two souls making their way down to earth. A man and woman landing at the same time. Not only on this spot of existence but other's falling into other continents and spaces on the earth in different hues of colors, shapes & sizes. This makes more sense the placing one couple to be the only one to co create. The Gods and Goddess formed them into their many likenesses.

The couple points to a path to go down to you. You walk down this path and hear the sounds of water. It is the River Ghyon that you go down to and at the bank; you see your guide. Your guide has been their for you and is loyal and will assist in this journey to become aware of the stereotypes we have been programed to view the masculine and his role through history. The Ghyon River is magical and has healing abilities to draw out the toxic and false programming of the stereotypes and ancestral programming out of your body. Think of the times you were told "boys don't cry, don't wear pink, don't cook, cannot nurture." Think of the times you encountered disharmony and you yourself said a woman does this and is this and "cannot possibly a mechanic, an engineer and soldier and has too many hormones to be a great leader and she's not made to do this." Think of the times you need to be aware of and release them into the River Ghyon. Think of the typical disagreement between couples, partners and or men when driving and the man won't ask for directions. Sound familiar because of societal programming. We become frustrated with the man but what have we done to him that he feels he must know and be the only provider and know it all. What a false pressure to believe this. Let the false information so locked into yourself be released and be comfortable to say were are both on this journey. We can do this together.

As you released the toxins, you feel more whole and what will women do to break the cycle of over powering or punishing men and men the same. Allow to appreciate the Masculine Divine and nurture and encourage him to be human again. No more cycles of overpowering and be in true harmony with each gender so we can be united in creating a world of acceptance, peace and love and move forward with much compassion. As you take this into you mind and think of what action to take in your daily life. Try an exercise where you see yourself doing the struggle of the divisions gender power struggles and correct yourself. It will take time and you can even practice this with someone you trust to create harmony & peace.

It is my pleasure to celebrate the "Masculine Divine" in this storytelling sound heal and wish you much blessings, forward positive thinking, speaking and engaging in peace. Much love to all of you because you have the masculine within each and every one of you so make peace with yourself and make peace with each other. Happy Summer Solstice! Namaste, Peace to you. Thank you for Being here.

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