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Light Your Fire - Like the Phoenix Rising

Hello Beautiful Bright Lights!

In this Storytelling Sound Heal yesterday 7/10/2019; I had the pleasure of sharing

the story of the mythological bird - the Phoenix. It looks like an eagle with

longer feathers around its head and tail and the colors of the feathers are purple,

red and orange. In Greek mythology the Phoenix lives in the City of the Sun - Heliopolis

and is birthed every 500 years. It awakens and sings to the Sun when it rises

every day such a beautiful song that even the God Apollo rides his chariot by and stops

to listen. It is known to combust into flames when the old self has served it's

purpose and makes an egg from the waxy substances of sacred herbs of

Frankincense and Myrrh and leaves a hole in the egg to place the ashes.

It honors it's journey with the old self and will teach you to release the old

patterns, the triggers you are experiencing and thinking to yourself why am

I affected by this still...ask yourself: "Are you ready for birth, death and renewal?"

The Phoenix will take you on this journey into the Underworld.

The Underworld is not Hell but the space where in Greek mythology the

old souls are crossed over into the new and expanded light dimension of renewal

and rebirth of the Self. It is where the Sacred body of yours after we ground

ourselves and connect to Mother Earth and are Protected by your Pure Light Helpers,

the White (Pure Light) Knights of the Brotherhood, Sisterhood of the Swords cutting

unhealthy ties to you and your Ancestors of Pure Light, etc. are with you and your

Sacred body. You ground everything touching the ground by growing roots

into the earth and letting in the white fire light into your body, lungs and belly

by your nose and letting go with your mouth what doesn't empower you. Continue this

a few times (5 times or up to 10 times). Then breath in the gentle sparkling red

flames into your nose and into your lungs and belly and your cells and body and all around you relaxing even more every part that I have talked you through.

Your Sacred body sees the Phoenix, this Sacred Bird/Your Guide and Teacher and

flies as you follow & dives into a dormant volcano which is the Underworld where

Skullman is hooded in brown robes on his boat who crosses the dead to the other

renewed dimension is there. You land with the Phoenix and the Phoenix

has Frankincense and Myrrh to build your egg for the old self (your burial chamber).

Each of you has one of these. It is time for you to see the stagnancy, the triggers

of disempowerment and release these all and the old self that no longer is YOU.

Think of what you are, who you are and who you are becoming in this journey into

self-transformation. You are divine and this is your commitment to Self. As I play

the crystal bowls; you begin to see all of this in your mind. As you do this,

you are forming into a Phoenix with your purple-orange-yellow plummage.

See yourself forming.

Now the time has come when you are ready to burn the old self, ways and being

into ashes and you see your ashes. Out of the ashes, you are birthed into a empowered

and new Self in this Fire of Transformation exercise. You as the new Phoenix

take the ashes to honor your journey or growth and the Phoenix pecks a hole

into your egg to place your old ashes. You thank the Phoenix for it's lesson

and the Skullman is ready to take your egg to the other dimension of high vibration

of self. Take a breath and fly out of the volcano back into your Earthly body in the

room and into the now. Having gratitude for your own Self Transformation and


It is my pleasure to serve. Take this energy into your daily life and revisit

the Underworld and the Phoenix any time you need to. Much love and happiness

in your expansion in the fire of passions with the Universal Lesson of the Time.

It is an honor. Thank you, Peace to you and Namaste.

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