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Storytelling Sound Dedicated to the Rain Forest, the Tribes, Earth & Healing with Light Wisdom

As I wake today; it impacts my heart as my eyes look at the life around me after a nightly rain. I feel the earth's need for healing and my tears say "Thank You" for giving us this living beauty. Can we create a way of the Earth forgiving us?

I wish to ask for the intentions of all to sending healing, forgiveness and guardianship of the Land/Water and Elemental Beings and assistance to the Rain Forest Tribes in their needs to exist and be. Like the Rising of the Phoenix; we must rebuild with compassion, wisdom and Earth Keepers as well now and send some healing vibrations, some Light wisdom to the ones who caused the fires and rebuild nature again. I am inspired by the nightly rain that bathed and kissed our Earth and to see the Brothers and Sisters of the Trees and think how we are blessed to see Life all around us. Can we do better? What can we do? Can we peacefully resolve and diminish and respect the right to live a quality life that the Earth needs are help more than ever and all the Dwell need the Fire of Compassion and Wisdom in our Hearts. There's lots of places and people who need healing right now. Can we be unified enough and maintain it to be a Force of Love with Renewal and Positive Growth with Love to all and the Earth NOW? Much love.

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