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All Souls - A Comforting Message for our Earthly Dwellers about Grieving

The Veils between this world and the spirit world have been thinning. Have you seen pennies or coins and heard, smelled or saw something that reminded you of your lost loved one? This is the time of year they can try to communicate to you in dreams, lucid dreams or if you are gifted to hear and see them and communicate. 

It is a time we remember that good and bad times in our relationships and can let go and clear the slate between any friction or it is the time to forgive and love each other from afar. Sometimes, it is a time to really say farewell that we never got or say things we never said. It is the time we honor the passed loved ones, burn a candle, burn sacred herbs and send loving intentional vibrations from your heart to theirs. Love never dies and it can continue. Other times it's a clear mending of your own heart if the relationship was absent of love or connection. We move forward as a heart energy. 

As the wind rustles through the trees, it's a reminder how to let go. As the leaves fall; we are reminded nothing is permanent and the leaves even take their journey towards death in a dance to land to a place never discovered. Sometimes, we dance our death so elegantly and others aimlessly with fear. Comfort in knowing that you are not only your Temple of Flesh but a Divine Essence of the the Creator. It is a blessing and bliss to know your empowerment is not so much how much you do; it's who you are as another vibration recalling the high frequency of the space you dwelled in the Heavens. 

You are an earthly angel, no one has forgotten you. You are beautiful in all imperfections and challenges and celebrations of your life journey. You are a High Power of Possibility of the Divine. Reuniting at the divine timing is the honor of your passage. Will you see the grace in your journey? Will you celebrate your expansion and evolvement? See you as an indestructible soul. Nothing really dies as you are a Soul ....such a beautiful soul. Treat yourself as the royal energy only stretched onto this realm to learn, to be and to understand that life be not taken so seriously. That we we learn to flow from one dimension to the next understanding nothing is permanent and comforted in that wisdom. 

Much love to you and take care. Surrender all the battles into the peace in your heart and mind. You are not a warrior at all times. There is a time to battle but there is a time for peace. Choose your reality and work from that in your earthly temporary dwelling. Have a beautiful week and journey knowing this. Blue Thunder  

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