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Don’t Stop Believing!

This morning was after dreams and the song "Don't Stop Believin." I heard the crickets and winds again as the sun was blanketed by the sky clouds and the Earth was silent in its harmony with the season that has arrived. The Moon and Sun showing at times on clear days now reflecting the duality we are in and yet showing up at the same time in Union of this Tapestry of Life. Creator and Goddess have been in union on this earthly canvas to remind us that change happens with or without activity. We are at a standstill yet we are moving in our reflection of life, who we are, our purpose and we think there is a symphonic synchronicity that is happening. Have we stopped to take notice in silence? Have we disconnected from our laptop, ipads and phones to see each other eye to eye? Do we know ourselves or are we reactionary and swing between observatory. Are we surrendering our will to do nothing when we feel the passions and emotions of anger, anxiety, frustration and stress that signal us to change our minds and outlook and to change our response if any or do we need to stop thinking someone else will do it and feel helpless and hopeless? It is time to armor ourselves with self love, our weapons our heart and our hands and use our minds to create like the God and Goddess do every day our world. We set the tone, the canvas is waiting for us to participate. What shall we create for ourselves to gain strength and peace? Our purpose is to take care of the Earth and all that dwell on it to make it a place for everyone, everything in peace, harmony, unconditional love and unity. We can do this. We are Warriors of Peace. There's no conquering here. It is the mind and EGO (Edging God Out as Dr. Wayne Dyer says) that we must struggle to let peace enter and be inclusive and understanding by dialogue, by listening and exchanging ideas even if different from ours to know and learn. We never stop learning. Our soul is made to evolve. You clear your mind and you clear your heart and clear any emotions sitting in any part of your body and recognize it, honor it and announce that you wish to heal that part, your mind and body and be in ONENESS. ONENESS is the key to a beautiful symphonic synchronicity. What Tapestry of Life will you create? Search your mind, see the ego and then let it go, understand ego maybe used for your likes or dislikes or reference to boundaries for any type of reason. Don't use EGO as a tool into spirituality but in union with the Light to push through any fear, doubts, anger or anxiety. Recognize you are Sacred Flesh and your Inner Temple takes over with constant faith and dedication to unconditional beautiful Light and Love. Be the Light and be a torch for those who need to find their way back to their Light. You are Powerful and Your Light expands as others are with you. You can strengthen your light so much and be alone to do this to connect into you and then join others by sending and being a Soldiers of Light and Love for others til they expand. We are Lights and Love and our Heart is our expression of all of this. We can no longer sit and wait. We are part of the Divine Plan. Are you ready? Namaste. Peace to You. Much Much Love. 

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