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A Day of Reckoning - My Mentoring Ex- Convicts in a Mechanic Shop

I woke up with the intention of just getting my oil change at a local auto shop referred to me. They were nice folks and the front desk clerk began sharing her story that her daughter had with autoimmune disease and that they were trying to hang on as sometimes she gets really sick. Of course I had been there other times and told her my skills and I worked for myself so I had the time to get acquainted while my car was serviced.

I would walk in and just comfort her as she told me that her daughter was really sick this time. I said that I would pray for her and keep strong and the faith. Your daughter has a strong soul. As I was there; some mechanics that knew me used to hear our conversations and began to spend some time up front as I didn't preach but talked of inspirational things for the clerk.

The mechanic working on my car started to talk to me and say that he was an ex-convict and this place was a blessing giving him a chance. Word got around and more ex-convicts started working for rehabilitation purposes and a step back into the world again after serving their sentences.

As I waited for servicing; a man started talking to me and told me his story of trying to stay on track for the sake of his girlfriend. He hid some tears from me but I felt a loss of her. He said, "He was selling drugs and something went wrong and he was a little crippled and she had been killed." From that day onwards, after serving his sentence; he made a decision not to be that person anymore. He still was affected by grief. I comforted him as that people come and go not to punish you but to remind you have so much potential to not fall down and get up in these trying times and grief was natural but think about it..Does your girlfriend want to punish you or are you punishing yourself. She has no heaviness or responsibilities and is healing with the final Home we call Heaven. We are a temporary fleshly casing for our soul and the soul lives eternal." He was comforted and then whenever I came in for service

he appeared at least 2 to 3 times talking to me and wanting my inspiration to keep on track.

It was break time for the mechanics; they came one by one and sat in the customer waiting room and the owner didn't mind nor the clerk. They began to confess their crimes and stupid decisions and wanted to do better. I said, "The best you have to offer is your dedication and it will not be easy from habits we created to cope with life we learned from survival from our environment or when we walk with God. God doesn't hate you or is disappointed; you do this enough to yourself and move past guilt if you truly want to be the best self forward; you will choose and stick to it...reminding yourself that you come from and Pure Source who believes in you." Sometimes, we walk alone and think our heavenly helpers are not there but you have only turned away into the darkness and all you have to do is turn to the Light and keep focused that you are strong, your are loved and our are good enough and ask for strength and determination of a good life you so deservingly create by your choices. Choose the Light and you will make it through. I began to realized that I was surrounded by men who were ex-cons and got a little nervous but remained calm as I felt a calm and stillness within them from sharing our conversations without judgment.

The owner then came in but was going in and out of the garage but saw the beautiful light conversations of wanting the best for themselves and in all that they do. Then he acted like he was annoyed as my car was ready and we were done. He said, "Hey, this is not lunch time and we got work to do to the crew of men who surrounded me." I felt a presence of thier divine shining and they thanked me for listening and not judging them. As it was time for me to go and after awhile; I didn't go back to the shop as I sold the car they serviced and replaced with a new model. It was a blessing to serve.

It was preparing me for ex-cons working or entering our art center who felt a love and peace and desire to be the best they were.

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