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A Faux ‘Psychedelic’ Experience Empathically

Some would like this journey I went on today June 25, 2018 and I went into a state of being to experience a 60s feel of journeying. It felt psychodelic but I don't know what that is...

I went with one of my power animals..Siberian Tiger as My Dragon guarded my earthly body. It was a beautiful day I awoke to greet all 7 directions, the elementals, the elements and all of pure light.

I went to Isis, My Mother Goddess of Alchemy...She poured a blue elixir into the top of me and it filled my empty shell/vessel from feet to head and into the third eye. I visited the upperworld and greeted the divinities, then the middle world and middle earth and then the lower world for shadow work where I met the divinities in there assisting in our dark side recognition, healing and wholeness.

I then went to this kingdom where Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion was in her castle. I glided along with the Tiger running towards this kingdom and I was transformed into a winged being with gold dress. There were the guards at the gates dressed in Asian soldier uniforms with curved weaponlike axes. They stopped us and then saw our energy...they let us go forward and The Goddess knew and could communicate from distance.

inside, I went and saw the Great Wall of China the stairs to her palace entry; the Tiger turned fluid and tubular and stretched and just glided as I then noticed the entry. I went inside. It felt like a room but not and there the chamber was a center room and she sat on her throne.

It was very surreal. I then saw heart shaped center on the floor below and then it was surrounded by heartshapes as I dived into the middle sit and face her.

She then became like liquid and glided down towards me. She said she had heard my words and my concerns and always has listened without judgment and to not worry. You are of heart and pure and even though you can feel the vibrations of others pulling you at times because they feel passionately about you; you cannot be made anything else but the way you are.

Then she let me go and I thanked her gifted all dimensions energetic flowers of golden vibrations in gratitude. I was filled with gratitude. I then returned to my earthly body and the Ancients blessed me with their signals of the winds dancing through the trees. I thanked them and grounded.

Next my shadow work journey begins as this ends. Namaste without any herbal assistances. Journeys of mine are like many dimensions into one. You can read it lightly and openly or you can view it as a short spiritual story. Peace.


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