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A Mental Trip to Italy - My Bucket List

I remember Italy tours with Gate 1 and will never forget it. One of the stops was touring the site were the historial volcanic tragedy of Pompeii took place. Both my Beloved and I went around 2018. Then we were taken for lunch to have pizza Napoli style. It was a small town and vendors were out. The line for pizza was long but the pizza once again was delicious rendition of history and community. I remember before departing the bus as other buses came to park. I was waiting patiently and taking a moment to relish this blessing of our trip thus far. Our tour guide Dani was amazing and the bus driver. History was being played with my soul memories this trip as a free woman and not a slave to elite ranking officer and childless wife.


As I awaited departure; I saw catty corner another tour bus just calming and settling myself in the moment; a man was looking at me ...the driver. I am in my mid 50s so I am not really looking at him but seeing the whole frame of this photo in my mind. I then was transported in my mind into a movie theater and was an observer looking at the surroundings outside. There was an 'actor' and he was staring at me?!!! I remained the movie watcher watching him perhaps watching another woman. Then my Beloved who was talking to others on the tour bus in the back he walked to during our bus ride was coming to me; before he could speak to me...the driver in the other bus was looking at me as if I was Aphrodite...and he was spellbound...Then his assistant a younger man came to get him and saw him staring at me...Still I didn't engage with him but then our eyes met and he opened his mouth in awe...Wow! I then realized I was in this reality and no longer a witness in a movie...I was the woman 'actress'. I didn't know by existing that it made an impression in his own mind. Afterall he about in his 40s was from this country known for romance and love and also lust. He continued staring at me... an elder woman...The younger man was amused & laughed by this man relishing me with his eyes. Then my husband stood beside me and said, "Ready honey?!" I said, "Yes." Then calmly got up & left the bus for lunch. As I looked at the vendor; another older man was staring at me and he gave me to ward off evil eye and protection a trinket of chilis in their tradition to help me. Then our tour guide told us what the chilis meant. I was touched and the old man asked my name and I said "Donna." He loved my name and he told me that my name meant woman...a respectable woman." "Oh boy!" I said. "Thank you." Then I drifted off today on the mental journey as I cooked an Italian meal for my husband and son:

I had to go to Italy in my senses yesterday as I cooked homemade meatballs, pasta and fresh organic simple green beans with some red wine with hints of berries and a earthy fusion all made from Creator, All made from many hands and Elements to get to this table and using my creativity, mind and memory I shall relish of this trip the rest of my life.

I knew I could go, I knew I didn't need to pack a bag and I knew that my mind can take me anywhere, anytime and experience and relish the memories of this bucket list trip to Italy. A place of history, of conquering, slavery, religion and spirituality. A place of beauty and melding of different cultures popped up to show people of history journeyed here. The eyes were fed, the soul remembered this past life, the nose picked up food of various presentations we made of a combination of history, family, community and nature's bounty before our eyes...the palate was pleased with the wine, the pasta, the pizza or hor d'oeuvres and gelato, spumoni and oh so many delights and our noses smelled these varied presentations of manmade collaboration of generations of family and nature. When you walked down the cobbled felt history, you felt everything in all emotions but you knew that you were on savvied ground.

The vespas going by and people walking and enjoying life at cafes with espresso or cappuccino. Life was a small experience and you remembered. Sometimes, when you travel near or far; your mind tells you it's an experience and how immersed will I be? Will I be in joy or sorrow? Will I be present now or in the past? Whatever you choose; try to pick one that takes you further into the beauty of life with simple pleasures and simple basic senses. When we appreciate our ability to use these senses, our bodies, our environment is a blessing to be in.

Know that your journey is a beautiful sampling of experiences...although we are temporary, recognize the phases in your life that took you somewhere that you were transformed for a moment in time. Appreciate your existence and the God given stage of life. Yes, we are temporary, we are only here a short why don't we celebrate the possibility and create peace, harmony and a place where Heaven is on Earth and Heaven becomes our Home on Earth. Love the Earth and she'll take time to love you back with beautiful experiences.

I hope you take this with you on your journey, walking down a local rode, park or travel near or far in that mind and know what the sacred plan was to create this in our mind and maintain it together on Earth. Much love and enjoy your life, a simple movement, a walk, a dance, a stillness...whatever you choose I wish you wellness and peace and our actions together make this happen. I am so happy today...I am alive to see things that make a difference in our mind first, in our home and on Mother Earth. Thank you for Being here. Love eternal. Picture by Jim Peera Lake Cuomo, Italy


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