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Angelic Ranks by Blue Thunder

Dear Earthdwellers;

Such a blessing to share what I have learned over the years to assist in understanding as much as I can to assist all and the Universe.

The Angels have always been with me and helped me heal, saved my life and to assist others in my healing sessions. Usually my sessions are unique and access different modalities or the one you desire listed on my services section of my website.

Angelic Kingdom has different ranks. There are the Dominions, Virtues, Wheels, Thrones, Legends and Principalities. There are the Archangels and the Archai. The 4 main Archangels are Archangel Micheal (service/protection/works with those who serve), Archangel Gabriel helps to heal in a sacred geometry ball in an ancient chamber, Archangel Raphael (who assists in reminding you that you are a vessel and what you fill it with becomes you), and the 4th Archangel is Uriel (who is illuminous gold white light and asks you to feel, see and taste the nectar of nature and honor all that dwell in the animal and plant kingdoms). Sometimes, Uriel offers a nectar filled chalice/goblet of gold for you to drink and add sweetness to your life.

I do pray gratitude for all their assistance. You must research what is an angel or rank to learn of. Then there are the Seraphim, Cherubim and your Guardian Angels. My Angels were told that they were huge from a healer fascinated by my energy as he kept staring at me. Don't worry he was gay and he had several of us practice Reiki at his home but he was far away from me. His healing room had stuff ravens surrounding the moulding. He had a woman who talked with the angels and she told me this as I was worried about new people doing Reiki and prayed no harm and let me know they were there. The woman said, "Your Angels are here." I smiled and said, "Thank you!" The healer that invited me smiled as well. He just always used to stare all around me when he saw me. I didn't mean to be a distraction.

At times the angel of the client will let me know their purpose and name. Sometimes, the Spirit Guide is relieved I can hear them and interpret and convey messages to the client. My clients are amused and smile when I tell them. Sometimes, I get really clear color of hair, costumes but sometimes I only need a faint picture as I can hear an accent or they show me or tell me a place there had known the client. Anyway, I am getting off topic but do please study and research the ranks and read Sylvia Browne's book on connecting with your Angels and Guides. She is a psychic that passed several years ago.

Enjoy the journey of discovery and understanding. By the way, animals have angels too and sometimes I ask them to assist a wandering pet back to their home causing no harm to self or others on their journey. I then ask Archangel Uriel to assist the animal and St. Francis of Assisi..patron saint of caring for animals. Sometimes, prayer really does help and it is a direct subtle connection to the Almighty. May you be blessed with wisdom and understanding in your search for truth and transformation.

Many thanks for taking the time to stop by and reading my words.


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