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Another Journey of Personal Power of Love with the White Knights 7/9/2004-2005

In order to establish Heaven an Earth with me as Dove with Love in the Upperworld - Mt. Olympus where Zeus is there. He tells me to do this; you need only Love - the color of a rose quartz. Then he stomps on me to return me to my earthly body for Heaven's Answer. Before I go to the Upperworld; there is work to do in the Underworld. (Balance of Heaven and Earth)

First, I journey to the Underworld, I see Lord Ayahuasca (No I do not take substances for these journeys.) I gift him rose quartz heart - love and go to the Skullman & gift him love and his eyes turn into rose quartz that are heart-shaped. I sail across the River Styx and up the dungeon wall and exit into a field and see Goddess Kali on a hill.

Then the hills become dark knights. I am told to send love from Kali because this is my creation (fear) and can change it with my thoughts and choice. I visualize pink rose quartz energy that covers them and they become white knights and they ride up to the Heaven's to the Sun and enter a void of white light and am seeing them tumble in riding on white horses. into the Upperworld. Told by Spirit that they are returned to the One because we are all One.

After this small Lesson of Loving Light; I return back to my earthly body grounded and gratified. Thank you for this lesson of love and the power we so choose to transform us and each other by our intentions and actions of love. May you be blessed and I send you all Loving Light Hugs. Namaste.


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