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Anxiety Management with Balance

By Blue Thunder

One of my dear ones had anxiety. We all know that feeling. However, the virus going round shouldn't have your attention all day long. I asked this person: "Do you eat all day? Do you feed your body all day? They answered: "No." Then why feed your mind something all day long that doesn't give you peace, a break, time to self care, prepare positive ways to cope with good health, create and explore new things and focus on the positives that you are in the safety of your home, have prepared provisions, etc and learned all you can. Then this person calmed down. I wanted to share this with you. Your mind needs flow in creative, positive thoughts, poetry, journal, dance, sing and explore...draw, try a new recipe and give your soul the chance to take the wheel and care for your body needs gentle, breath meditate, fill your vibration with peace and oneness with the Divine by being in nature, being aware and being in the sun. Balance is the key. Feed your mind, body and spirit the stuff you know makes you strong and balanced and in control of your own domain. I hope this comforts all.


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