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Apprentice Journey of Gratitude with 3 Shamans 11/16/2003

Dear Brothers and Sisters;

Had the pleasure of journeying today. I asked Goddess where and she replied simply: "Anywhere. It doesn't matter or any place will do." I sat in the childrens' playground at a public school in my neighborhood while my daughter played soccer with her Dad. I prayed for grounding and protection and asked my power animal to come by going through the list of which to accompany me.

Then I saw a Mother Wolf (Leader/Teacher medicine). She came towards me howling and into my body and then I was a White Wolf. I was running in the tundra and snow. I saw the North Shaman Teacher standing on a snowbank. He was smiling as I playfully ran towards him. I licked him to show care for him. However, as I stood up on my hind legs to hug my Shaman Teacher in wolf form in a human way; I went right through him!

I asked the North Shaman Teacher: "Why I could lick him on the cheek but go through you?" He replied, "We are energy and we can move anywhere." Just like the last time he appeared as an image in my house (teleportation)." Anyway, we continued to go on this journey. This is the point that Spirit had been directing me not to come to Shamanic Circle anymore many times and told my North Shaman Teacher this. He said, "He didn't care that I had come a long way and have healed a lot and that's what mattered." I said, "I hope you allow others to come and teach with you soon and allow them to be their own unique self and not become territorial and pray ego does not overtake you any moment."

My North ShamanicTeacher replied to me: "I have a lot of healing to do and accepted my prayers of heartfelt wishes. I continued to pray that I do not have ego take over and no immorality touch any of us. Then a woman from shaman studies (she was dating my Teacher) was there as a beautiful young wolf and my Teacher turned into a White Wolf. At this point; I said "I am going to play and rolled down the hill with snow all over me as a Wolf and both transformed into human form and laughed, complimented and amused by me.

At the bottom of the hill; I saw the Peruvian Shaman in his black skirt (I no longer was bothered by his black skirt). I asked him: "What are you doing here?" He said, "As a Coyote; you know how it is... (trickster energy) just popped in (with the hint of mischievous energy). Then he got up to leave and turned into a fur-ball in mid air and 'poof' like a cartoon disappeared. I was leaving and then a snowball hits. me. I look over and it is the Peruvian Coyote Shaman sticking his head out behind a snowbank and smiling and then peeks his head to the other side and is a Coyote again. He does this several times while throwing snowballs (like peekaboo) at me and leaves.

Then as I wander the tundra; I come across the Lakota Medicine Woman (3rd Shaman) and she is a Mega Wolf not fully white but tufts of hair that are golden brown and gray at the edges. We talk about our first impressions of each other and how we know each other much better now without measurement or analyzation. As our conversation ceases; I hear a little noise and continue on this apprentice journey.

I see a White Light Sun that takes me in as a Wolf form into it and drops me off to where my body was in the playground as I open my eyes to see 2 girls walking past that was the noise and reason I returned...ugh! Father Sun shined his light through the clouds. My daughter came to me and asked me: "Why was the sun shining only on one side of the playground?"

I stayed silent. Then I mentioned to the Little Princess that I journeyed just before she came up. My love, prayers and blessings and happiness that I saw joy in all faces today made my day. Thank you for all the teachings from a Trilogy of Healing.

Humbly bowing in gratitude to all 3 Shamans on this journey of sacred self and healing. Much love gentle lights of love. Namaste.


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