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Aquawoman transformed by the Waters of the Aegean Sea 4/24/23

4/24/2023 Journey into the Aegean Sea from Naxos to Santorini, Greece

Traveling on a ferry from Naxos to Santorini, Greece. I sat and watched from the deck of the ferry the wake of the boat behind it. Wayne Dyer used to talk of the wake of the boat and I started to journey closing my eyes to receive some wisdom and healing. I ground and my Bear protected my earthly body as my sacred body transformed into a green serpent type water being with webbed feet. My hair transformed into many green fins and my body saw in the distance into the deep ocean another being that looked like a fellow brother and sister of the ocean. My temple dragon transformed into a sea serpent and swam as a clear pod encased me to take me for the first time to an underwater city. I saw spirals with open circular roof tops that when the current or someone swam over these made musical notes. These were different heights and there was a melodic sound of notes being played as the water currents weaved past these. In the city; I asked at the gates to enter and permission was granted by kind beings that we all looked alike and they know each other's ranks in society but ego did not make the difference only love made the union of community. It was beautiful. I experienced swimming into a chamber inside a spiral and midway was the healing chamber and the room was dry pink salt. I then saw a tub of water and smelled aromatherapy of unusual aromas and then in the tub I sat as the water hardened into salt and encased me to remove the toxins and false thoughts of all around me and who I loved. My temple dragon was surrounded and loving pink light encased us and then we were detoxified in mind, body and spirit. I then allowed it to crack open as to the readiness and invited me to come back to this healing watery dominion. I shall and my temple dragon healed along with me. I was blessed and formed a goblet of solid thick salt with gems and salt roses to give for this healing. I then did not need the chamber pod only for the first time and returned quickly to my body. I am blessed by this community of beings of the ocean and watery domain. Thank you.


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