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Army Vet Darrell Ortiz Letter of Recommendation for Our Work at Healium

Darrell is a talented artist who had the opportunity that Jim the Director gave to paint for the actor - Nicholas Cage at a property we managed for a movie. He painted Superman and the NY skyline with skyscraper with Nicholas's head on the body of Superman. He really captured what Nicholas was fond of especially his young son loved Superman and gifted this at the movie set. He is active member of a group in re-enacting civil war battles and loves painting with beautiful red and orange hues. He is married and has 3 dogs. He features his pieces in our gallery and has volunteered at a few of Healium's events.

Picture of a soldier

Dear Sir/Madam;

I am a Veteran retired from the Army that I served in 1973-1975. It was an honor to serve and quite an experience of what service to our country means. 

I am an artist and have painted for years. I came across a place in the Candler Park Neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia a few years ago to their event called “Open Studio Paint and Jam” nights. I was interested to paint and wasn’t expecting a place full of diversity and non judgment. I, for one, came to paint.

Unexpectedly,  I met Jim Healium who is the Director & Owner of Healium Center at the time and his wife, Donna aka Blue Thunder. The space was welcoming and a gallery of unseen art like no other gallery. It has different rooms to tour and view/purchase and appreciate surreal art.

They had a meditation and sound healing room in which the spiritual mentor - Blue Thunder had 2 times a night for 15 to 20 minutes. I went to one and was at peace even though it wasn’t of my interest but Jim encouraged me to try and to explore other sound healers that booked their events at Healium.

The vibe of chill music and art everywhere and a room to paint, one room for vendors and room for food vendors to sell meals or Blue Thunder cooked gluten, egg and dairy free food and some vegan from around the world. I was truly surprised. Then I found the basement was where open jam was for any level of musician from zero to advanced that respectfully encouraged free style sound, experimentation and self expression. It was a place where all genres of music played. It is a place for soul, mind and body

Healium Center included me in the Saturday Artist Markets to freestyle paint and even sold some pieces. At times, Healium had different artistic celebrations and different themes of art where called for. It was a happening place. Jim even had access to Nick Cage who wanted to rent a space on one of his properties for a movie. Myself was included to paint a tribute to Mr. Cage. I even had the pleasure of meeting and handing him the piece and he was exceptionally pleased.

It was an adult’s playground as Jim called it. I felt so at peace to create and explore in my own way. I am recommending their programs of healing arts and Blue Thunder’s Ministry and healing to any and all Veterans. They will make you feel at home. Open your mind and heart and your will see how at peace you can be. Express yourself the way you want to and no judgment and the rules are to have fun, be open minded, explore play and be non judgmental or be not offended. It’s pretty easy when everyone understands this is a unique and healing space this family has created and made me feel like family. All Veterans would benefit from these experiences and activities and highly recommend to any and all Veterans and their families.


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