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Art of Intention

Hello Peaceseekers!

Repost of Storytelling Meditation

Dear Ones;

We focused on the Art of Intention. What you think; you become or imagine your body as a sacred vessel and your thoughts you fill become what energy you send out and receive back in response from others.

It is a sacred time you gift yourself in the meditation. Breathe and deeply root yourself as where you are seated; your body has a trunk like a tree and it it rooted deeply into Mother Earth. Relaxing and breathing in peace like a gentle ocean wave in and out giving peace to your lungs and your body and releasing what does not empower you through your mouth. Imagine a slow ocean wave of peace in your breath each time as your spine relaxes against an Ancient Tree ancient it knows the history of time. Its roots exposed and holding space for you. You sit against this tree and see the branches reaching out to you and it protects you. It is a summer day and a gentle breeze caresses your cheek. You relax and notice you have no shoes on and you wish to explore this vast ancient tree and you get up seeing and feeling the moss you feel under your feet and touch the trunk with your hand. How does the bark feel? Is it rough, smooth, mossy? Continue to walk to the other side of this great tree and see a forest trail that is familiar to you. You've been here before and you see a forest before walk down this trail and witness nature around you. Nature gives you stillness but does not reject you. You are accepted and loved by nature and not judged even though you do not accept yourself. As you walk down this trail to a river bank; you see a canoe and smell the moistness of the earth and water's fragrance to your nose. You see this canoe holds only you and is only for you and you climb in and do not have to paddle as this canoe takes you upstream as you lie without fear or concern watching nature in stillness and joining this stillness in each gentle breath enjoying and relaxing this journey to your own inner sacred experience. The water is gentle and supportive and the canoe stops at the banks of this river of purity.

You step out of the canoe to explore; you see the water is emerald blue and the river is blue the symbol of healing and truth. You walk to an old statue in feminine form...It is Mother Earth and your see her arms reaching out to you to welcome you and her eyes meet yours filling you with love as her hands are cupped to receive something from you. You think to gift her something and decide to create a bowl from the earth to her to fill her hands. You dig with your fingers and hands into the earth to find dense natural clay of colors of red, orange, purple and green and you feel the clay is bending and moldable with your fingers. You pinch and form the edges of the this bowl and it dries very quickly as you place your gift in her cupped hands.

You look at Mother Earth and she does not respond...You think to yourself again and decide to walk into the river the color of blue the symbol of truth and first feeling cool near the river's edge and then wander in deeper as you feel so much love, truth and healing to your hips and the water becomes warmer and you are held steady by the earth below and you cup your hands to take this water to gift Mother Earth one by one and you tire and remain focused in love for her. You go back and forth sweaty...Your hands and arms and feet and legs getting muddy and wet from your efforts cupping your hands to carry water into the bowl over and over again...and then you look up at Mother Earth's eyes and she does not respond and then you see your own reflection in the realize this gift is not for her but for YOU!

You then are thirsty and parched in your throat and take the bowl you created with your intention and drink it as you drink; you feel the water drip down your chin & body. You then finish the last drop and you place the bowl back into Mother's Earth's hands.

The tropical rain comes down hard to wash you, cleanse you and renew you washing away the dirt the old self. Then the warm tropical rain becomes a gentle wash to end your journey. I then tell them it is time for them to go back to becoming their own sacred tree grounded and connected and feeling empowered, capable and loved and when ready to open their eyes to their own divinity and open their eyes into the awareness of being Divine. Thank you/peace to you/Namaste.

I hope this meditation medication helps any and all who in positive movement & self transformation and loving acceptance.


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