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Art of Manifestation with the Goddess Cerridwen - Moon Energy of the Feminine Divine

This is a repost my Beloveds to enjoy.

Cerridwen is back to remind you of your manifestations: Donna Peera July 13, 2018 · Shared with Public

Mmmmm the Moon. She is beautiful. Do you feel that your intentions or life has a block lately? Well, it's time to move forward with this Lunar Eclipse. You find yourself needing rest in the last few days? Your focus on health and taking the action? Yes, and you find the stagnant, anxious or need to release is stronger then ever lately? It is time to let go of people, places and situations. Now is the time to manifest what you have been full throttle now my Loves. What do you want in your life, relationships, career, health and plans of manifestations for you to achieve in Pure Light? What will you focus on strongly now. Manifestation of your life calls on FREE WILL. This does not include taking someone else's will away or creating friction or harm to another. You cannot use force to achieve things. You achieve with ease & flow, commitment to this Blood Moon coming Friday, July 27th. Are you ready to take your life by the reins and take charge and let Goddess lead you to leap ahead for yourself? Don't look at others for you; look at yourself. Cast the spells of pure intention for you and feel it. It does not require creating potions, oils, elixirs, rituals or your cauldron concoctions. but if you feel compelled; do it for you and treasure these intentions dedicated to the Blood Moon. She is a Goddess and everyone of you have this within. You are royalty by honor, respect, focus and dedication. Happy Pure Intention Manifestations my Loves. Cerridwen is calling, Bast, and Minerva, Demeter, Kali, Inanna and Isis Mother are here to assist in removal of all that is in the path of light of manifestations. No time for fear, no excuses and no more waiting for someone or something to give you signs. Feel this in your own heart. Meditation on being in ALIGNMENT with Grandmother Moon is your quiet inner reflection and action taken with clear and pure intent. Much love.


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