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Awaken to the Spring in Your Lives by Blue Thunder

Do you hear the woodpecker drumming? Do you see the sacred cardinal? Do you hear the owl hoot? Do you hear the crows caw and the hawks as well? Do you see the blue jay? The gentle doves and the rabbits and deer surface your slumbering mind? Feel the ground beneath your feet and the grass. Feel the texture. See the sky and breath in deep and slow this air we are gifted. Hear the birds call out to each other and sing their praises of the the Most High. Do you feel the need to plant or appreciate and consume the fresh gifts of the earth that have sprouted and immerse yourself in the fragrances that nurture your mind and body? The aromatherapy of life. The beauty of presences and growth. This is for you and all of us to honor, be engaged in the sacred because you are sacred. Do you feel the need to purge what is old and create the new? Well, done. The Season of Spring in our Lives is here. Enjoy.


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