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Balance and Gratitude Reblog Sept 22,2017

Meditation Fall Equinox - Balance and Gratitude

The Goddess wanted me to do the breathing exercise like a slow pendulum of the early rise of the sun and the setting of the the Fall overcast sky with scattered clouds is what I saw and the rise of the sun and then the shadow coming over the light into the cycle of life and season of our many lessons...whether harsh or pleasant...that brought us into the now...that helped formed our divine path. So we breathed into ourselves the light and darkness in a slow wave of peace into ourselves, grounding and connected feeling Mother Earth and her layers of earth and seeing soft roots grow and become firmly connected sending our stress, anxiety and all that does not inspire us. Without darkness; there's no light and vice versa.

Nature teaches us the wheel of seasons like the seasons in our life and wholly accepts it. I see plants and trees or animals that accept the process as we learn from Nature what we surrender to the cycle can we understand our lives. This is the Balance we achieve with this awareness.

After we sat there feeling this and knowing this is the season where the Masculine, the active and symbol of movement started it's birth with Spring and then the vigor of summer that we appreciated and then til this season when the Feminine takes over to reflect, hold us dear through the Darkness. This is the time to see how far you have come in your manifestations and what needs to be let go. The harvest of the masculine's bounty is to be taken into the abundance we have received in our lives not always monetarily but inside our lives with family and friends and deciding to let go and release toxic relationships and situations and new positive in positive movement plan to be created.

As I talked of this you breathed in LOVE into your being, into your heart and each breath you became come from love and you are love and you are part of the Earth and will return some day. It is the cycle of life...maiden, woman and crone and Goddess holds you dear.

As I started the journey, I saw a great Oak tree and your Sacred body laid its spine against it feel the resilience, the fortress of strength and how it teaches how it stands through so many storms and is the support. As you see with the sacred eyes during this overcast day, you feel the cooler breath on your skin and you look down without your feel the earth is more solid and firmer and there are many oak trees in circle around you. You see the Oak Tree that supports you teaches you..."See the trees are a family,,, in nature there is no judgment just like the trees and there's no separation...we are family and we are a global TRIBE...there's unity, love and support in all your days upon this Earth."

So it is time to ask yourself: "What do need to let go of and keep in maintaining my Divine Path and the Divine Plan"? "I am Sacred!" You see this as I played the bowls. I then ask you: "What do you see yourself having gratitude for the abundance of your life and family, teachers, lessons to adhere to into new positive movement?" I play the bowls.

I do appreciate you all and return to your Sacred body. We then will send our love we feel, our support, and strength to send to our Brothers and Sisters in areas of the globe to have in order to achieve happiness and peace. So breath this in as we are so fortunate where we are compared to those suffering through Mexico, Caribbean, Fl, TX and people in Korea...Please send this healing vibration to those because we can. I thank you for all you do in showing some form of kindness...I ask you to say this: "May all beings be happy and may all in my words, action and thoughts contribute to the happiness of all beings." Thank you and Namaste. I love you.


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