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Becoming Comfortable with Sensuality with the Yorubian Goddess Oshun (My First Goddess Encounter)

Dear Beloveds;

After my attending the international school of shamanism; my teacher (the North) was asking me to be comfortable being feminine. He said my appearance was very feminine but I carried a male warrior energy. This was my protective shield from past trauma and abuse. I had to battle this mirroring of this distrust of men by men at work trying to date me or have affairs. I looked much younger than and youthful. Sometimes, when you think too much about something you don’t want; you get it more often. I had to think about how I would find out. I asked him and he laughed and said you will figure it out.

I began on my journey of working with Goddesses but I needed to learn more as there were different walks of life of divinity and lessons the goddesses taught. I then asked Spirit which to choose to reference and learn from. I went to a metaphysical bookstore now long gone where I purchased my Living Reiki book and looked around. I found the Goddess Oracle and felt a strong pull to it. There were others but I just wanted to buy one.

I then learned how to layout and read the energy in myself with the cards and ask the Oracle which Goddess resonated in me or in a relationship I had or which was with me and the other person or part of the lesson between us which meant sometimes 3 Goddesses. However, the Lesson one was the one that had me curious. I found out alot about myself in the cards and there were diverse dieties. I found a card I pulled the energy actually pulled me. The Goddess I needed to work with on myself was Oshun (oh shoon) the Goddess of sensuality and waters of healing. She wore golden bracelets and gown and adorned herself and the waters were healing. She was Yorubian and she was to help me be comfortable in being more feminine. So I got saris and jewelry of what I had in stock at home and adorned myself. I would then go on journeys

with my tree - Chrysalis that I was working with in my back yard. She took me on a journey where she bathed me and requested being soft was not wrong and you could still be strong. It was a lesson in sitting in your own grace of sensuality. She asked me to share her story with others

& explore what sensuality was utilizing different stimulations of the 5 senses.

My husband was pleased to hear this exploration of Oshun’s instructions. She had me dance and share this energy at a women’s gathering. I gifted what she asked and necklaces made of shells. We explored our sensuality with movement and then saw the beauty of how the woman’ body moves in ways a male cannot. Being comfortable with the body was a challenges after being violated and abused as a young teen. I would learn more as she encouraged me to pull out the thumb cymbals of brass to play with and learned much from this water Goddess of feelings and being comfortable with feeling again. It was very healing and I was grateful for the lesson. I would continue to explore and share the lesson with other women because usually, not anymore, women betrayed me from jealousy or not understanding my gentleness as a unconditional love when a male let his guard down and I was healing them with kindness. However, the mirror of unresolve appeared again as they mistook my inspiration to see hope and healing in them and be of service. My lesson had to be boundaries and soon I was to learn; that this is a world where people do not equate compassion in the work place or other setting. More stories are coming!


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