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Beer batter cod and sage w fufu dumplings and gravy meal

By Blue Thunder

Hello since people bought out the chicken ; I purchased some cod and haddock fish. Gluten free beer and gluten free flour w spices and sage leaves cut and seasoned the dry spices first in fish.

Took the gluten free Krusteaz flour and 1/4 almond flour and mixed dry spices then added the beer and a capful of apple cider vinegar and mixed w some water and shredded more sage herb And set aside.

then heated a frying non stick pan with olive oil and made it hot enough to dip the fish in separate batter bowl and fry, then turn over.

Gravy: Pacific squash soup 3/4-1 cup

and add Tablespoon olive oil then spices and sage leaves and add fufu flou 2-3 Tablesoiins and mixed and cooked til thickene!

Take black eye peas when cooked add 3/4 cup can of coconut milk sea salt and ginger and garlic and 2/3 Tablespoons of lemon juice. Cook 20-30 minutes in separate sauce pan.

take box of fufu flour 3/4 cup add oil and salt and warm water to make dumplings and in separate pan boil water then drop dumplings in and it will look damp and pasty soft carefully take out dumplings maybe 3-5 a serving and in a bowl. Add gravy and side of fish add gravy then eat spooned out black eye peas. Alexia oven fries if preferred on side!



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