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Being in the Now like the Ocean's Continuous Flow

Meditation while the waves kept coming in and out gently at Playa Grande the Tortoise Sanctuary; I heard in the silence of it all the breeze caressed me and the waves drew out all toxins as I breathed the earth's air as my own breath as a Shaman in S. Africa said that the air is the Earth's air shared with us all. I then felt the pulling out of the toxins in my reptilian part of the brain and parts of the body where emotions were trapped. I then released willing into the now and was told that the emotions are like the waves, people and things the planet are like the waves always moving forward and never ceasing to stop in positive movement. I then allowed this to know that the past even emotions caught up in the past are the past and like the waves are washed away over and over again. We birth, rebirth and surrender to the death of the old and the gift is staying focused in the now even in our emotional state of being. What a beautiful lesson knowing that nothing is forever and always evolving and moving forward. Thank you Great Spirit for the lesson to share.


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