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Being True to Each Other Heals

Life ....when you try not to create negative vibes and you see things right in front of you in your face after awhile you have to say something. People act one way and then another create their own problems. If you feel you need to take out problems on a person because you are miserable but afraid to say anything…you are not living reality and if you try to use others as a scapegoat for your own unhappiness; it’s a telltale there are long time issues way before you came along. You can’t live your life blindfolding someone you love and act differently behind their back. Be truthful and let wounds heal and feel the hurt and have uncomfortable feelings and discussions with the hope for resolve and improvements and you won’t be a prisoner in your own home. Be free laugh talk forgive and know everyone has issues has problems but the magic happens when you both wish to resolve and have a lighter heart in truth and real love which comes from self love. My Beloved’s book UnF&@ck Yourself touched a lot of people from Ga, Tn and now Costa Rica. Raw and real healing one self after a breakup with self love I celebrate his journey and understand how it’s not about him or me but a journey of healing because he found the time and value to rise up. He has tshirt designed and looks great!


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