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Blackfoot - The SkyGods and Rain Goddesses by Blue Thunder

Often in my prayers I give thanks to The SkyGods. In the Blackfoot tradition the SkyGods were deities.. The creator of The SkyGods was Apistotoki, known as the Creator. The SkyGods were celestial beings of the cosmos in its understanding that the constellations and planets could affect the weather and The Milky Way was the pathway the deceased traveled upwards to the stars into a new life in that dimension or elsewhere.

Father Sun was called Natosi and Mother Moon called Komorkis. When the day began each day there was a morning star that could be seen called Lipisowaahs. When you see a galaxy (cluster of stars) they are called Miopoisiks (Bunch of Stars). We are very fascinated with the galaxy and study of astronomy and astrology can be of great help in understanding weather or season or unseasonal weather or chaos or calm in our lives. The Mayans had a system of studying the stars. I remember going to Tulum, Mexico and my Beloved noticed from the patio this huge mass of a star and it was brown and had a tail and it traveled slowly closer towards him. He called me out to witness this movement and some other travelers in balconies side by side noticed it one night at a time. It would then disappear in a puff of smoke and then reappear. Strange phenomena. Then the lights would flicker and go back on all the hotels. One night, there was a strange blackout for a few hours. Could it be connected to the strange star? The locals said this was most unusual to have a black out for so long for hours and said it is a strange phenomena.

Going back to Shamanism; I would learn to connect the water elements and earth, fire and air. The most intriguing thing was I was always loving to jump rope or high jump. Lifting off in the air was a joy to me as a kid. One day as I was alone in the park; I was running and the air wanted to teach me something. I didn’t doubt that I would not be harmed. I was lifted a few feet forward and then gently down. The elementals would ask me to run first to get momentum so I could be lifted a few feet and then let down. I had complete trust and the protection in the Creator and the elements working under God/Goddess. I did this a few times alone.

One day I decided to see if the sky and the air and water and sun do work together in harmony. It was a cloudy day and I asked the clouds if they could create a balance of sun and clouds and they parted, showing me Father Sun. I thanked them telepathically. I was sitting and then the clouds would come on days of rain. It would be overcast and I would ask the Sky Gods of it was okay to tell me if it would rain. They answered and then the communication strengthened where I would ask when and how much and how long. The SkyGods would reply: It will come in 1 hour or another 30 minutes or 5 minutes and get inside. I would thank them for their communication. I was playing outside trying to do a rain dance at 5 years old. I was copying a Western movie to do skydance or rain dance. I kept it up for 45 minutes and my parents were amused. Then it rained hard and my parents just stared at me. It wasn’t me; it was the SkyGods and Rain Goddesses. They were doing their natural thing.

At times; I would know from my son who used to tie into the weather very young but he stopped. I would ask him if it would rain today and he was usually right. I guess he had other interests that broadened out of that. I then began to communicate off and on with The SkyGods and Rain Goddesses giving them thanks and Father Sun on the days they presented themselves the most. I would then see overcast when I wanted to walk and the SkyGods and RainGoddesses would tell me you have this much time and it is our time, our rhythm and our turn. I understood and would finish my errands and walking in time. At times the SkyGods and RainGoddesses said it is our turn now to rain and make our thunder and lightning so you cannot right now. I respected their timing with the Universe and their different valued roles.

We must appreciate the weather and the SkyGods and Water Goddesses. They can communicate to us but also their presence reminds us to go deep inside and release what doesn’t empower or defeat us. It teaches us the naturalness of cleansing and releasing, or crying and comfort in the cleanse of toxic emotions or feelings we need to express. We honor our dark period and light and celebrate the duality of lessons it brings.

Next time you look at the sky and clouds and you don’t like the weather..please thank them for their lessons and send gentle loving requests for calmness to be in them as well. Be a friend to all we are created with and thank them of mercy is shown not to rain for the benefit not just of you in this request but all you know and do not know and to please during storms to not have calamities and forgive any energies that built up and affected the force or impale of hail or anything. All you can do is ask and do not judge whether it should be given to you as you do not command anything but simply request. Try to see even the formless as a guest of the creative play we are in this lifetime. See if you can be thankful for the good and the lessons it brings.

Well, that’s all I got to say for now. I hope this enlightens you how to respect and engage with gentleness with the elements to live in harmony with. We must treat each and everything as respectful as we treat ourselves and other living beings no matter what shape, form or color or appearance. Only with pure light do we function from and not ego. So we must develop systems so we do not destroy the elements or the space we dwell in temporarily for ourselves and future living beings. Namaste, Peace to you and Much love, Aho.


John Tibbetts
John Tibbetts
Sep 19, 2023

amazing testimony. Thank you for sharing your supernatural experiences. Humbled and grateful

Blue Thunder
Blue Thunder
Sep 20, 2023
Replying to

Tysm for reading

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