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Blessed Rain Of Merging Masculine and Feminine 10/2014

Blessed rain purify us and the all that Dwell on this Earth. Thank God for water the element of emotion and cleansing releases. There's nothing more calming then meditating in front of a waterfall, an ocean or flowing river/lake or the brook. We are started from nothing and as a seed from male and female waters to form flesh. We are nothing without the union of the Masculine and Feminine elements and then in the womb of life; we are enveloped in water, protected and nurtured til the time of birth. We are drawn to water because of this comfort, protection and feeling nurtured. Give thanks for the element and forms of water...fluidity and adaptation are the lessons it teaches. So keep the flow and your energy purified by this element's lesson. PIcture by John Noonan Usplash


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