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Blue Thunder's Psychedelic Experience 3/25/2024

It was a beautiful journey as my facilitator set the mood with comfortable blankets, dim lighting, beautiful calming music and geometric shapes and had instruments here and there. I had held the medicine

a day before and then day of to ask of the intentional journey without harm and flow and ease to removing blockages to my path of light and service. The Mushrooms told me they were not here to hurt me and they were children of the Earth. That I will not have 3 d experiences like my journeys take me but close my eyes to experience a journey inward. It was beautiful as ingested tasted the earthiness of the mushrooms in dried form of the penis envy. As soon as ingested; I closed my eyes to see all life as one unit and lighted neon green. It was beautiful. I breathed and saw my mother who passed 2020 go in and out. She was a healer of humble heart and didn't do plant medicine. She was from Portuguese descent which was revealed how in the next experience with rape' later in my journey to understand and learn.

I then had stomache ache and then my Mother came in and just as soon as she came in; she left. The plant told me: "I am not here to hurt you so breathe." I breathe and the pain and nausea let me like toxic grief emotions. Then I got a rash on fingers that started to itch. Again, the mushroom was in my blood stream and said" "I am to here to hurt you and your body feels something foreign but I am not here to harm you and breathe." I breathed and the rash and itchiness disappeared.

My facilitator offered me instruments and it was nice to gong the Tibetan bowl but I wanted my didgeridoo. I then walked and was hot and started to see my Grandma who I look like talk to me. She then appeared in me and I heard her say: "You have a beautiful life and I did not have that." I proceeded to heal my Ancestor with saying to her what she never and needed to hear. I told her: "You are smart as a valedictorian, great at dance, theater, seamstress, cook and very sexy and sensual." I and her merged to hear what we happened to need to hear from this visitation. She went into another room where the facilitator was getting snacks and she appeared in her 30s telling him the same message. He acknowledge her as she has visited him in a jail cell where the Japanese invaded the Philippines and gang raped her and bayoneted her so she could have no more children. However, she met another man who was strong and tall and would protect her is what she needed in her trauma state and didn't discern the violent or fearful ways he engaged with her. They adopted a baby girl of a woman in Guam who couldn't take care of the baby. She was my aunty now. Raised Filipina all her life. She mentioned her and said it was a choice she made in her life. I cannot reveal that part as I wish to move on to positive movement.

I then danced with my facilitator and ate some snack and drinks. I felt a euphoria and then I came to rest on the blankets and comforters and wrapped myself in my healing cocoon and it was the end of the journey but a down time appeared next day and I was sensitive to alcohol even the 3rd day.

It was a blessed day of healing between my Ancestor and myself as the journey inward needed to happen to be fully present. I keep learning and experiencing to understand and not look back but forward to the journey of light, acceptance, healing, wholeness, truth and understanding. I achieved the agate necklace from a market as my memory of harmony with my Husband as the goal. It was a beautiful moment as I was not wanting to buy from any market vendors and last moment a Rasta Man came and he set up. I knew by his light my necklace for this memorable moment for me was to come from him. He saw me and I saw him. I told him: "You do beautiful work." He thanked me. I saw an agate necklace large with flat stone and embroidered flowers and plants and mushrooms on it. I asked how much is this? He told me and my husband and I came up with the cash. It was a blessed day. I will not forget this moment of sacred union with the mushrooms.


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