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Break Through Barriers

It's been a while since I posted. Hope you are doing fine. I will post separately the glorious honor of meditation for Queer Youth Fest 10/22:

It is a early dawn morning...the sun is awakening from sleep as you walk into this forest of many types of trees and the sun peeks through the branches. The earth is waking up to a new day of opportunities and you are bundled since the summer has passed and it is now Fall the season of harvest and as you breath you feel the crisp cold air on your skin and you see your breath in front of you. You smell the fir and pine trees around you and hear the brook nearby. The Earth is Alive and you hear it awakening as you hear the sounds of nature and birds and see the squirrel scurrying by to gather for the winter to come.

The trees are many colors...nature's focus on one tree and then one leaf. You are grounded and connected into the sacred silence of oneness.

Like life, you are nurtured and given wisdom and this journey to sacred self is not the only time you will do this. You are a unlimited being of creativity and possibility.

As in life you are given wisdom whether triumph or challenges and as you know it is the season in life to grow and journey on your own. You are one of these leaves and you must detach and venture out to expand and take your divine path in life.

The wind carries you as a leaf swirling and twirling landing and surrendering into the cold spring water of the brook. You float for awhile but there are barriers/blockages...the wind has carried many other leaves from all walks of life and they too must unify and be a community to be strong to break the barriers.

It is your responsibility to seek out the support and reach out to wisdom and expand and contribute to your divine path.

As you break through; you all go on your way, some meeting again and some times you are stalled and slowed down...there is a reason for this slow down to expand and work with your knowledge and be who you are...a warrior on your path of peace and loving acceptance of yourself.

YOUR BODY is YOUR HOME & so is YOUR MIND YOUR OWN and YOUR HEART is who you are and nothing can break that love that you come from and you feel a soft pink light surround you...this is love and so you are LOVE. It protects you. Love cannot be is indestructible. Be loving and accepting of who you are. You are strong enough, you are a voice and you are divine.

Take your place on this Earth and honor your divinity. As the wind carries you on the pass the frog and salamander and school of tiny accepting and unbothered by your like them. Accepting the journeys in your life...

Now the wind carries you to the banks of the soil where you land and become grounded and connected knowing the oneness that you are with the universe

You surrender every moment into the earth and your journeys and take your place in this world. Peace and become grounded again into your earthly body with this knowledge. Awaken to your divinity and loving acceptance. Peace, Much love, Namaste.

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