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Cassava Yuca Fries (Episode 3 - Healium@Home)

by Blue Thunder

Hello My Loves;

Absentminded here, I didn't post the recipe for the above episode.

Here it is:


Cassava fries:

3 to 5 lb bag frozen cassavas or 2 fresh large brown root cassava (peel and chop into 2 inch pieces).

Olive oil extra virgin

sea salt to taste

granulated garlic powder to taste

turmeric powder to add color and reduce inflammation cancellation of fried food ...LOL

Take frozen 3 or 5 lb bag of frozen peeled yuca/cassava. Boil water and

place in til done 20 to 30 minutes or til done by poking with fork going through.

Drain water and let it set to cool. Then take the roots out and peel the inner veins that look like thread out. Slice the size of fries to your desired thickness and set aside.

Take olive oil in medium or large frying pan and coat the bottom of it and heat medium heat and once hot place fries separated from each other because cassava is kinda of sticky and use sea salt and granulated garlic powder to sprinkle. Add a touch of powdered turmeric as well and let is fry til golden yellow brown and turn the other side til done and place on a plate with paper towel to drain oil out. If the pan needs more oil add and heat before adding more sliced cassava and repeat again. Set it aside.

Prepare to chop/dice

2 medium firm but soft to touch mangoes

1 large red/or white onions or bundle of green onions

coconut powder to decor after toppings unsweetened in Indian /Asian stores

lemons or limes sliced to taste

Chili dried powder to taste

Tamarindo sauce (El Sembrador already salted and sweet) or Indian paste to reduce to thick sauce adding sea salt and sugar to taste)

Take 2 medium firm but soft to touch not green or really soft mangoes and peel and dice and set aside. Don't buy mangos very soft as it will be stringy.

Chop onions or dice these finely and set aside 1 large or 2 medium ones (I used the red onions so good). Whatever onion you fancy. Or a bundle of green onions sliced.

Then take 2 to 3 campari or 2 to 3 medium tomatoes and chop (I used campari tomatoes but you can you any to dice.)

Set this aside.

Tamarindo sauce:

Buy tamarindo paste which is salty and sweet on this brand at international market called 'El Sembrador' as this is more the consistency and thickness and add no water or sugar or salt. But if you have to get tamarindo paste from Indian store; then you must add water to make it less thick to make a sauce kind of thick and not too thick and add sugar or salt to your taste and stir and set aside. You can cook it a bit and taste if you wish.

Take a bowl and place the fries and top with all these diced tomatoes, mango, onions and coconut powder sprinkle on top with tamarindo sauce, sprinkle chili dried powder and some lime or lemon juice to taste. Enjoy with a nice iced spiked tea with the same tamarindo juice listed and add sugar if you want, ice and club soda and some whiskey or rum. Now you are talking about a nice gathering for snacks and drinks. Happy 4th or any occasion. Much love.


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