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Childhood Memories with Ascended Master Jesus & the Elements of Fire & Air

When I was a child; I recalled being in Church and it was a church where we all served my Mother, brothers and self well. I was in the church choir that was on radio on Sundays at times. The Director was a perfectionist and we did Gregorian Chants in Latin. Our priest was Father Moga who did the chanting masses of the Eastern Byzantine Rite Mass in our Catholic faith. It was a beautiful experience.

As I was learning to work with the element of fire and air; Jesus would come to me in a playful way to learn as a child. The candles were lit on the altar and some of my classmates or brothers were the altar boys to light the candles. Sometimes, Jesus would instruct me to cause no harm but to gentle blow towards the candle on the altar from where I sat to not allow the altar boy to light it. It was a playful delay of working with wind/air elements. He could not light it for a second and then I was instructed to stop and let the altar boy light the candle. It went on and during the mass service I was then instructed to not blow out the candle but blow in the direction to see the steady flame flicker but gently. I then did and the flame would go towards the direction I blew & experiment with different directions. I then tried at other times blowing carefully and being gentle to learn the fire was not harmful if our intent was not to harm.

I would do this when the choir would have the break when the priest would do readings or sermons towar