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China Visit with Family working with Psychometry

We had to get away. We had 5 years of terrible corrupted city of Montgomery harassing my husband into court to try to take land he purchased in the Rosa Parks District in the State of Alabama. We sold the lots later on after my husband was triumphant, proving the methods they used to take his land lots for free were illegal and did not follow protocol. He won after the stress of 5 years affecting all of us even health-wise.

We decided to take a Historic tour to China. China I knew was a past life. In one of my past lives; I was a Shaman and our daughter was our daughter at the time and my Husband was my husband. It was the period of horses and travel by wagon. It was a way for my daughter to mend with her father since he was a renegade who took off for months on his horse. He had shoulder length dark hair…Manchurian style clothing. This is why he loved when he was younger his hair shoulder length. It was the times that I struggled as a woman doing odd job and only could feed my daughter bokchoy and noodles. Since childhood; she has always hated bokchoy and noodles. After she was older; she was okay with it. Sometimes, we travel to our past life destinations to revisit or remember or heal from an event. We may even be triggered to get healing after that visit because we felt an emotion in some places. This is not unusual.

We went to Mount Taishan, a holy mountain and place where locks were put on the iron fence of lovers who put their locks together on the fence or those in the olden times were broken-hearted and leaped. I saw the statue at an area where it was Kuan Yin, the Asian Goddess of Compassion similar to Mother Mary. There was a long walk and tea house as well. We went on a tour with Gate 1 as a group with others. It’s amazing art, temples, fountains and stories. We walked the Great Wall of China. We only did ¼ of it and we were tired. We also visited the “Forbidden City” and visited small provinces with different foods, performers and a two string violin. It sounded so wonderful. We even visited a town called Hutang which still occupied some original houses for generations still there that was visited by Marco Polo. We visited the Yellow River as well and so many crickets were there that almost made you deaf from the noise. It was the time of the Olympics to happen in China and we saw the construction of the “Birds Nest” and “Cube” buildings for this event. We toured the silk factory and saw how silk worms made their threads weaved into fabrics and bought a beautiful shawl. We also toured a jade and pearl factory as jade is a sacred stone and sometimes the color varies and a woman always needs a jade bracelet or pearls. We walked through Tainen Square as well and there were so many people and vendors. Even to catch a city bus is a risk as the bus and people come an inch away or closer. Very crowded.

On this tour, a group of teachers were together on this trip. One started talking to me and even said she didn’t know why she wanted to confide in me. I usually tell people that it is okay. This happened to me as a child as well. She found some pebbles and she found out I did psychometry to see or feel from an object and see the scene or person, etc. She told me to hold it and what did I get from it. I told her that I could try. I stood there and closed my eyes and saw the laborers with buckets carrying the dirt down and pants rolled up to the calves and straw hats. I said the Emperor would be there and the Empress would be carried on a red canopy that had no horses. Men would carry her reverently and carefully. I saw the red type umbrellas with gold decor and tassels. She would love to do prayers and have her tea ceremony here on this holy mountain. The Guide listened to me translate what I saw and he confirmed. He was an expert in Feng Shui. Not the kind you get in the USA. There are 5 schools of thought of Feng Shui. He knew the type of job and location and burial and birth and siblings of my husband. He was truly amazing. He was not free to discuss anymore and he would make sure we were alone or in the bus far enough away from the driver or other staff.

Then when we visited other places; he would come to me and ask my impression. I would say. I made a mistake doing that with the lady and you and sorry. I just came on this trip to enjoy the tour. I did tell him other things as I saw but he was so curious and wanted me to do this frequently. I didn’t want to create a scene or attention.

Years later, I did a past life regression and the laborer of the mountain was the same soul. His story was truly amazing. Everyone’s thread of lives and evolution is truly an amazing expansion of your best self forward. I think everyone is a story of themselves in their present life time and can celebrate being here and be able to share it if it helps another feel not alone and be dedicated as a Soul on the Path of Light. Enjoy your life and have gratitude. Next time you feel like you haven’t moved forward; please look at yourself now. We are moving forward even in stillness as the quiet gives us gentle reflection and opportunity to see we are valued, seen and heard and we all will evolve our own way and path. Peace to you. Much love.


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