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Chinese Tai Chi/Qi Gong Theory Fire Up Water Down Healing Head and Stomach Imbalances

Fire Up Water Down Analysis:

Even the most talented of us have dark periods in our lives. We have personal lives that we forget that are unnecessary to hide the dark periods as well a the light our soul goes through. The earth is a test and I felt her disappointed and angry heart. So much anger held there. I remember taking a tai chi class where we discussed fire up and water down. When you have not taken time to release your anger and it stays in your head; try breath work and pressing points to give you peace. Try pressing the lung qi so the fire in your heart doesn't go to you lungs and release 'the dragon' and then press the calming points on your ears for tranquility. When you stomach/digestive system is cool; doesn't work well and can get issues or acid reflux so the transfer from fire in the head to the belly (chi/power center) is needed for your own self loving balance. Stand up to release the dragon by bending forward like a rag dolls relaxing and bending on waist and letting your arms just flop down and your neck to relax and open the channels and unleash the dragon. Then go up slowly at a 90 degree angle at hip and arms reach back the your quality of life ...your kidneys and tap the back and then hold the kidneys lovingly and then slowly make you way up. Then release your kidneys and let your hands hang there relaxed at the sides and back bend as far back not in discomfort and stretch your face and neck to the sky. Look up and have the hope you contain the coolness in your head and hope in your heart and breath this and then take a gentle dive back to the rag doll position and repeat. Do this 3 to 4 times as you feel. The Dragon is released, the fire is removed from your head.

When you have fire up in your head; you have bitterness, anger and limited view of others and their meanings. You become too sensitive to reading what others say is offensive because you look for a false outlet to your unleashed disappointed heart and fiery head by judgment and assuming the worst is meant without full knowing of others. If we did this exercise; we would avoid division and wars. Unleash the dragon is an exercise for all.

If you surmount the fire in the head so long mental illness will occur and darkness prevails and instability and the storm is created within. In kind, nature gives you storms and if you don't recognize how powerful you are; you can bring storms to you and the sign is to wipe out all the familiar you have surrounded yourself with in order to start fresh. It is not the physical storm in your life but the storm of your own heart. You are powerful enough to attract the calm after the storm if you recognize it and the rainbow of hope is waiting to envelop you and your healing heart and mind. You just have to believe there is calm for you after your own storms. What a lesson.


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