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Claiming Your Seduction with the Goddess Freya of Sexuality

February 14, 2019 | Blue Thunder In this storytelling sound meditation was a revisiting of your Sacred Sexuality. As we breathed in peace and relaxed our bodies into the Earth; we released out anything unempowering. It was a beautiful time to allow ourselves to go into the upper realm. The realm our sacred body goes to for growth and self transformation. Our sacred body floating into the sky with warm gentle breezes to caress us toward Mt. Olympus. This is the home of the Gods and Goddesses. What better way to learn to value our Sacred Sexuality? As we surrendered into floating towards it; there were many temples and one temple with marble columns stood out. We floated onto the first step to this Temple. The Goddess Freya of Sexuality was there to greet you. She only wore her supple and beautiful skin and a cloak of white feathers. When she moved; it reminded you of Cupid. She welcomed you back to this journey. Had it been a long time? She said, "It is time to enter my Temple and recognize and claim your seduction by feeling, knowing, and claiming your Sacred Sexuality." As you entered the Temple, you saw many luxurious wall hangings and rugs so soft a plush with aromatic fragrances of rose. Rose oil is the symbol of self love. She continued to guide you past this entrance into another Chamber where there was a porcelain white tub with claw feet and these were decorated with gold. To recognize your Sacred Sexuality; she asked to remove your clothing. As you were doing this; the room had exotic essential oils. Inside the tub, you saw a pool of warm water and oils to relax your muscles and body. Freya took a large ornate vessel of this oil and water and she poured it over your head and it bathed your hair, skin and body. You felt the oils roll down your body onto your breasts, chests, and areas of your vagina/penis, and buttocks & anus. These were places forgotten by us that were seduced by the oils. The oil and you lovers and going places of ecstasy and delight. She said to pleasure yourself and that waiting for exterior stimulation of pleasure from others had to be experienced by you knowing how to pleasure yourself. It was not dirty; it was healthy. To touch these parts as your breath warmed and heart beat faster into an orgasmic warmth of oil your lover reaching orgasmic warmth in your vagina, penis, scrotum and breasts. She fanned your with her Cloak of Feathers and asked you to breath calmly and feel this orgasmic warmth all over your body with every beat of your heart and each breath. You breathed it all in and around you. This was your sacred sexuality and time. You the Seductor/Seductress needed this to be healthy, happy and vibrant. You make the Universe Glow with this Release.  As I played the bowls of the heart, truth/voice, middle eye where the hormone glands are and the crown chakras; you were Sacred. You were not dirty, you were not judged and you were not wrong. Sacred Sexuality is a self healer and healer when two people do this with consent and can send this healing energy at orgasm to each other's body to heal each other on so many levels. You return to your earthly body to bring this feeling from spirit & mind into body and ground yourself with self love remembering to "Claim Your Seduction" as much as you claim your truth, your strength, your dreams,  and you as a Sexual being, etc. Those who see people who do not honor the sacred sexuality throughout their lives limited by religious, societal or cultural dictation; ignore the most powerful and sacred part of self. When you see anyone who hasn't had enough sex or sex at all; they posture in a fetal way, they have depression, anxiety, nervousness and obsess on things and they have complaints about other people, their body has aches and pains is because in their mind; they deny their Sexuality. It is important to communicate and express your desires to each other as couples and keep the spark going. Don't be bitter and about life; be happy, ecstatic and romance yourself and partner on a mutually frequent basis like feeding your body as an adult throughout their lifetime because it keeps you centered as a beautiful God or Goddess. Enjoy yourself and go and make some noise and dance with in the fire of passion. I wish you a very "Happy Valentine's Day." Fill your day with love, pleasure, sensuality and sexuality. Much much love. Namaste, Peace to you and Thank you.


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