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Clearing Dark Energy Experience with Feathers & Tribal Crystal Lineage-Keeper

Dear Ones;

This is an ever changing world and the energies and sessions I do; I learn something new each time. Each session and person is unique. I had a client (read by blog about Why Spells are not Good to Use in a Relationship.) and she needed a clearing. She had been experiencing bruises and pain in her shoulder and unable to sleep properly at night. She had gone through a break up and was fine with the parting of ways. However, her partner was not. I asked where she had been to think a darkness was there or if anyone practiced spells and did she receive a gift from her ex to access her. I asked if it was on her or near where she slept or did she have a power table. Most importantly before all this I received the picture and phone call and then ask Spirit before going further to service or not. I got a yes.

It was a healing session where I was instructed first to use Feather Medicine. There was a sequence used for her. It was a distant healing so I had asked for a picture and her full name and place she lived currently not, state, country/province. I was told to prepare her for the healing by simply asking her to breath in pure light and see it around her and in her body and all cells. Just breathing like a pendulum rocking in rhythm this pure light to feel as she breathed out all fear, anxiety or worries. To keep this rhythmic breathing up at bed time. I then felt a need to go to bed and breath with her talking to her mind and body selfs. (blog on different Selfs) We breathed in rhythm and synchronistically she and I & a third person was her interpreter.

As I was breathing; my pure light protectors where there with my earthly body and my sacred body went to a dimension where I was in a vast frontier and I was the White Buffalo (abundance and manifestation with hope to awaken souls - a gentle yet powerful symbol medicine). I was massive and my hoofs shook the earth as I felt the weight of my vast head look side to side with an eagle feather dangling from each horn (foresight medicine) and there was God Thor (Protector of all in Heaven and Earth) with his hammer who came down. He was amazed at the huge beast and wanted to ride the White Buffalo. He asked me: "May I mount and ride?" I asked: "What did he mean?" He said, "I want to experience riding this beast." I gave him permission and he rode a few minutes but realized the White Buffalo is Sacred and he got off and bowed to the White Buffalo in respect as it is rare and no one has ridden the White Buffalo. I continued in this shape-shifted form in this field still

breathing in rhythm the Pure Light and there was an invisible force field around me where arrows, guns and weapons and nothing negative could touch me as the White Buffalo. After this I was unable to sleep keeping vigil of the woman and her interpreter as they slept in a very deep sleep undisturbed and filled with peace.

The Red-Tail Hawk Feather Medicine was waived over her energetic body as she gave me front and back of whole body clothed for this work. The Hawk is the Messenger of the Gods so this was to help her only listen to Pure Light Messages from God. Then I was asked to waive the Owl Feather, (Using her 3rd eye/intuition to see beyond the veils and illusions) and the Raven Feather,(Understanding the good magic and not give over the bad) and then the next was Blue Jay Feather (the balance for her of Heaven and Earth), and then the Female Cardinal Feather (Once I cleared her heart and the Elementals to Assist that gave me this on a walk to put bliss and play in her heart.) This was a new sequence of Feather Medicine Healing to learn as I was directed by Spirit in this session.

The most important step in this healing session is intention of the healing and the ability to cut cords if the woman really wanted me to do it. I told her that If I cut cords and you are not ready to let go; then it will come back and was she sure. She was certain and I don't blame her. I then saged myself and the protectors came in the room and then her energy body. It was such a clear and calm space and usually I see the darkness in some form monster, angry person with the spell, snakes, etc. but none appeared. I then took my wand knife I use to cut the netting that was around her and binding her hurt shoulder tightly to show control. Then I pulled off the "chains" around her wrists and her lower back and feet. I then opened with my mind with psychic surgery to removed the blackness debris in her heart and kept doing that and in her 3rd eye. Then I blew white light in each coming through my body and then cut the cords between the ex and this woman and cut a few times. I sealed her heart and 3rd eye.

After the psychic surgery technique I had holy water to bless her with the sign of the cross and proceed with my Ancient Tribal Crystal Healing by asking the Lineage-Keeper to be present and assist me in service of the highest good. She then was there watching me do the layout to remove negative energy and allow the crystals to absorb these. I didn't have to turn her on her back in my mind as I pull excess or darkness off with my hands for both front and back and scan the body to clear off more moving around her. I felt the clearing and waited.

Then I moved the crystal set in a way to bring in her own Divine Light her Divine Essence of who she is. The Lineage-Keeper asked me to place a white crystal quartz in one area of her body where intimacy was to enhance the removal of connection just outside that area for the light to come in in which I have never done this. I waited until she was filled and whole again praying as Ascended Master Mother Mary who doesn't care if you are Christian or not asked me to remind her and all that the Heart is who you are. To clear your heart and she loves all children whether they had done good or bad deeds. For if there were no bad deeds or energy; you would not appreciate and know the light. The bad people are here to stimulate you commitment to truth in your life in who you are. If there's a time that you feel sadness over the past bad deeds and say negative things to yourself to get you down while you are improving and fall; to call Mother Mary to support you in re-remember you are a beautiful heart and light from God. She instructed me to Light the Candle of Mary of Magdelena after clothing the circle of light and thanking all that helped me and then I grounded and thanked the woman and informed her that the distant healing was done to ask me questions and let me know what she experienced.

She exclaimed unexplainable deep sleep state and knew the object was confirmed gifted to her had a spell was to be removed from her mesa Power table and saged and disposed of to Mother Earth. I reminded her to stay in the Light and nobody owns you and it's not love or sexual orientation or gender; this was something about the knowing she taught her to choose her strength in the Light instead of the Dark. She gave other details and she was light and happy.

It is an honor to serve; as I learn and serve. I am grateful to learn new ways of healing in Divine Action in my Divine Essence with all that God/Goddess provides me to do in Light and Love. I bow before the Universe on this new venture and lesson and so grateful being of the Light servant to God. Thank you and Namaste.

"White Buffalo" by Marianne Caroselli ( pinterest


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