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Colonialism has influenced Ancestor's of the Conquered's Children with Identity Crisis

I have experienced in my many years on this earth judgment, racism and even from my own people. I am a Filipina and Native American German, Etc. mixed Mestiza. I am who I am and live with myself everyday. Who or what happened or dominated, raped or enslaved my ancestors has affected my parents into what they are today and passed down some unknown and unwilling judgment on others because of trauma, alienation, abuse and our rights taken away so long ago.

I was born in the 60s and it was a radical time in life of the racial separatism and inequality of all races that are not white. Since I was raised by parents doing their best but they were artificially programmed to be defensive, distrustful and try to appease the conquerors from their parents and ancestors before them in order to survive; I must acknowledge I had work to do and am a work in progress. I have been sexually harrassed as a young woman way into my prime years of youth. I have been talked to as if I had no brain and threatened to do what I say because that’s what a minority woman’s role was to follow and please the master. That’s not anything to be proud of or hang onto and behave like anymore.

Being mixed in both Asian and Native American worlds was not accepted because I was not a pure blooded race from my own people so I stepped back into myself and focused on me getting better, healing and learning the modalities that were Pure Light Spirit guided. I was free to learn whatever my heart showed me and my soul knew where to go.

At times, I have had relatives of brown skin whose ancestors were enslaved and treated as 2nd class citizens try so hard to feel successful from intermingling into the Western society and their habits and culture doing things that deemed success yet were yielding to the colonialism still ever present in our school systems, political, religious and even spiritual. I have had honors of meeting those of different high ranks of all of these in service and community influencers with humility that have shared private human expressions of their life with me. They trusted me and I would not betray them. It was an honor to serve those in such ranks of service.

I still find in service at times; I would meet regal and beautiful instruments of service and have a look from those born into that religious and spiritual or affiliation of ‘why her?’ ‘why not me?’ But alas, this Mestiza was proud to experience this and as time went on. I met other folks of diverse rankings and service and my own family would say: “You don’t even have the right to be in this role (patriarchal).” Other times, my husband’s family who have clearly brown skin would be jealous of the service and achievements and downplay me or say I copied or faked something. I got news for you all minorities; segregation amongst us doesn’t unite us. I have been evolving like the Elders have been watching and the youth are leaving many spiritual and cultural communities because of the patriarchal, superstition or separatism and intermarrying and finding their spouses unacceptable and impure to pass the culture and wisdom down. Well, Covid has lowered everyone’s bridge and the fences are being removed. We find we need each other to thrive and share our culture and our spirituality/religion by embracing the mixed bloods and mixed children and mixed marriages or they will be truly lost forever. Adapt like the animals and plants… people and you will be able to evolve.

If we are truly a melting pot. We do not dictate old rules and tactics that kept us unequal and disharmonied with each other. Time to evolve and grow up with open minds, open hearts and open liaisons to living, being and uniting while healing our planet, ourselves and each other and keeping what is truly valuable wisdom alive! I hope we can do this together and stop trying to be better than each other to identify ourselves or the old systems because that leaves you disappointed in much suffrage and feeling all alone. Thank you for stopping by. Prayers we hold each other & view each other as ‘Blessed Bundles of High Vibrations!”


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