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Come Together in Evolvement by Blue Thunder 10/24/20

Lovely day again. What a blessing to have this weather. I pray all those in need are provided for by local earth angels and the suffering and afflicted unashamed to ask for help or reveal their stories. We uplift each other; we move forward together. Even if we can give only something small others can chime in to make it something even more splendorous. If we help the mind and body of others afflicted move forward; we can move in unity together. Like an army of love, peace and transformation. We are valued today and always and love is not anything that can be measured, destroyed or compared to anyone or anything. We simply express love with not only our understanding, but loving actions and words. Words cannot feed, cloth or provide for the body but can touch the heart and when we work from the soul places within; we can do so much more. Much love, you are seen, you are heard and you are not forgotten. I see community tables created great or small for us to come to the Communion of Evolvement. It is life changing and a life force that cannot be blocked. Energy is meant to move and so are we. Let's keep the flow and ebb of the threads of the web of love connection together and create even broader connections. Even if a thread is broken; like the determined spider; it rises again to build from sheer will, fearlessness and forward faith in Pure Light. I say this prayer for all of us not only because of the holidays but for all times.


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