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"Come Together" inspired by John Lennon's Song

July 4th, 2018 Blue Thunder Meditation - "Come Together" tribute to John Lennon.

In this meditation I was intuitively instructed to do the drumming and rainstick. Since it was a groovy night; well my journey asked you to breathe in peace like an ocean wave deeply in through your nose and lungs and body and release the labels, other people's energies and unempowering energy, stress, doubt and anxiety.

As we breathed we grounded like a great tree into Mother Earth's nurturing domain. She is a teacher, a nurturer and supporter of all our needs. In this meditation our earthly body is guarded as our sacred travels in space and time to a field of flowers on a sunny day. We see the varieties of different flowers and their fragrances. Nature is unflinchingly a teacher of acceptance and growth. We notice that the flowers are like us, different but are all grounded into mother earth.

We are connected to Mother Earth. We know we share the same air and water on this earth with so many dwelling on it. We realize that the key to community is unity by realizing the times we have differed and left unsettled with someone in conversation. We must look inside ourselves instead of out to see what we could have vibrated, what we could change in our behavior and words to convey acceptance and what is unity. We learn to change the world by changing ourselves. As we do this; I walk around to drum out what is not needed and vibrate the power centers and clear with the rainstick the final phase as you return to your earthly body with this knowledge of changing yourself for the sake of unity.

Then a small exercise was done to emphasize this: We focus on appreciating each other and commenting by looking into each other's eyes with forgiveness of self and each other to the opportunities of peace to all positive possibilities by focusing on love. We look at each other in love and comment face to face after this meditation of grounding and connecting and see we are all different from each other and say good things to each other. This is the doorway...appreciation and no social media to influence or confuse us...we see each other physically and we learn to introduce ourselves to each other and comment loving things to each other. We hold hands to send and feel love to each other. Love that is unconditional, pure and not inappropriate and simply loving. We breathe this in and then together we send it out to the Earth and all the dwell. It was a peaceful and loving exercise of unity. Steps were small but great work was done by beautiful attendees. Much love, much unity, much gratitude in these blessings to serve. Namaste, Peace to you and Thank You.


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