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Comfort in Self-Confinement?

Dear Beloveds;

I am called to type this message to those who think that life is good when one follows all the rules and expectations of various influences in our lives. Our society, schools, friends, family, faith and spirituality, our clubs and teams give us something to do and what makes us feel comfortable in the basic interactions we agree to. This after awhile becomes stagnant, boring and mundane. Why? Because we are meant to move forward and explore the outer edges of our boxes and lines we draw imaginarily from gaining acceptance and approval. When we are approved of and accepted regularly; we can lose track of what is important to ourselves.

Do you find comfort in confinement? We try to be good little boys and girls to belong and do the 'right thing.' We are living in an illusion of comfort so we can be deemed reputable, successful and upstanding citizens of this Earth. This is a falsity and it gives answer when we find we need more and seek more. Sometimes we become your own dungeon-keeper into the dark cocoon as the imprisoned limited existence. We become nasty people, judging, jealous and envious, angry and depressed because we do not realize it is time to take the higher route to growth and unlimited wisdom.

Do you prefer comfort in self-confinement or wish to soar in the Light Wisdom in growth? Sure it's not a concrete answer, sure it's not all the answers but it feels good but scary. Don't talk yourself into the lair of your mind's dungeon. Don't fool yourself. What is the way is never the way as we keep evolving. When will you untether your connection to comfort in self-confinement and be the Truth Seeking Explorer you are meant to be. Do something that helps answer the unanswered or gives you what your Soul craves in this Temple of Flesh at home on Earth. It craves your Divinity and Heavenly exploration.

Sometimes, we must leave some of the old behind to gain an expanded new view of this world for self-growth and no longer surrender to self-confinement. This is what you are a Living Soul who needs to feel the Light Wisdom and you can only do this if you put your own Wings to fly. Imagine your wings in any make up or variation - fairy, butterfly, bat, moth, bird and mystical wings that lead to the most sacred space within by venturing outwards.

It is my pleasure to share this with you Spiritual Explorers. The Universe is waiting for you to arrive. You will arrive many times as you are a formulation from Pure Potential in Positive Movement. Much gratitude for you being here. I hope you are inspired by your own Pure Potential and enjoy the journey. Much love. If I am harsh; it is only my hope for the best of yourself forward and not be a being of stagnancy doing the same thing over and over again without content. You become part of the Light Wisdom to share with others in our future generations to share. Are you ready to self-grow and inspire others on this journey? Take a moment and set your intention beyond self-confinement into self-growth by taking a baby step in that direction of Light. Blessings on many discoveries and sacred journeys. Namaste.


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