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Meditation - I Am with Your Primordial Tribe

Meditation - I Am with Your Primordial Tribe

3/18/17: "I Am meditation with your Primordial Tribe:

It was a beautiful day as your earthly and sacred body is surrounded by pure light helpers and guarded, guided and supported. Grounded into Mother Earth releasing the false labels, names and other's opinions or judgments of you. Rediscovering your Sacred I AM...the lessons you live, convey and assist others in your lifetime is the I AM. I have a joy filled Ebony Julienne Broadnax presence and she is joy and she lights up a room without a words...people say she makes me feel so happy when she's around...Things like that or challenges to have her joy cannot be and it will always surface who you are bathed in pure light in your mind's eye.

We travel to a cave that is familiar to your soul's expansion of many life times and you enter and it is light with torches your Primordial Tribe has lit for centuries and lifetimes for you to return. There is a circle of Rose Quartz crystals and you sit in the middle. Rose Quartz is self love, not egotistical but loving acceptance of self. You cannot discover the I AM if you do not accept and love yourself first. You sit surrounded by love and you breathe it in. It is the embodiment of White Light - Purity and Red - Passion and together a soft and loving energy becomes you!

Then the next step in your journey: traveling into the sky and floating into space where the stars and moon are lighting your way in this deep silence of float and are drawn to a planet that seems familiar to you and as you float closer; there's a temple of marble. You walk up the steps to the entrance of this temple and enter a great hall of tapestry on the walls and walk down a hallway to a room where there's a great table and 13 seat surround it. You take your seat and your Primordial Tribe that has been there since you were a divine energy and formless before becoming flesh and mentors are surrounding you. The Council of 12 enters and takes their seat with you. There's a screen of your life triumphs and challenges and the best choices for the soul expansion.

You choose how you look, your culture, language, orientation, planet, continent and space you will be. You choose your teachers and in time with your experience; you become the transitions student to teacher off and on. This is the time you discover the I AM and you sit and listen to the crystal bowls. You discover this and take this information to your sacred body. Enjoy and become one with the clarity of who you are. No one tells you who you are and you are ready to serve and walk your path of divinity. Breath and come back and Namaste.


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