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Copy of Sacred Sexuality with Ganesha - Hindu God of Root Chakra and Sacral Journey 2/13/2020

Dear Ones;

Thank you for taking the time to be your own sensual and sexual being. It is the inner creative force that brought you here. I remember my Qi Gong Master said, "We are all winners!" Do you know why? "We were that sperm that beat all the other sperms and united with the egg and here you are!"

It takes the feminine and masculine together to form a being like you. You are both feminine and masculine within. We know this is so because we know the soft and reflective (feminine) and the hard and moving (masculine) forces within. We also have a desire to witness this in physicality. Our soul is waiting to be healed from this need to merge beyond the mind but it first starts with the pineal gland. We call this the 3rd eye chakra which is indigo colored.

The Hindu God - Lord Ganesh /Ganesha that is has an elephant head and known for the root chakra where the intersexual portion of the body that meets the earth or birth canals merge. It's a magical energy that is ignited and aroused only by you, first with your mind and then the need to fulfill with the body so the soul is healed and you are whole. He is also known to love rich and luxurious foods made with butter (ghee). He is the remover of obstacles.

He is going to take you on a journey to experience your "Sacred Sexuality." There are different rhythms of this experience to explore and it is with agreement with your partner of those you love. It is mutual respect and understanding the pleasure and healing that occurs is the end result of the journey.

We start off in a large lake in India near a few islands in the Southern region in Verkala. We ride on a gondola type boat that is guided by a simple "gondola" rider who wears the traditional Indian skirt called the Lengha and his head is wrapped. He is a tall dark skinned man with white mustache and deep piercing eyes and knows how this lake weaves into rivers and vast canals that fishermen and he only know the path to and from our journey. It is the beginning of a beautiful early morning and the sun is peeking and painting the clouds with hues or bright orange. The day is about to do its dance in presenting its freshness to remind us it is never too late to explore or love and be sacred. The lake water is so fresh as he paddles; you can see it is clean to a certain depth as it is so deep as well. You feel like a part of creation and their are numerious different trees and plants. There is a vast amount of almond trees as you know this by the leaves that are heart-shaped around the edges of areas of the lake.

You see an island guarded by the almond trees and there is two small islands with a pathway for the gondola driver to take you through and you are entering another dimension and world as the driver is transformed into fine satin clothing and headdress like a Taj and the boat is golden painted with with the eyes of the peacock feather with blue water wave designs. You come to the edge and there after you touch the ground; you remove your shoes as this feels so sacred and you feel it from the sand of the shore to your body. You see that you are transformed into flowy clothing for this hot climate for this venture back to your sexuality. This is where the God Ganesh dwells and awaits for your journey. He looks at you with so much love and is happy to have a visitor to explore your sacred sexuality. You hear a bansuri flute playing in the distance and smell the aroma of sandalwood. This island where there is a beautiful Indian temple built according to Sanskrit with blocks of marble with vast carvings of saints, sages and Linghams with water fountains flowing from these as each temple has a few of these. Some temples had the kama sutra depicted on these that we know of different sexual positions.

In the Hindu faith is the yoni the opening of the feminine and the lingham where the male is merged and water flows. This is your inspiration in learning that sex is not dirty or to be ashamed of by free choice and permission; it is sacred because it reflect the initial point of creation and where we all began. You sit and close your eyes and Ganesh tells you that the wholeness is achieved at the initial point and when you have this healing merging by pleasuring each other; your 3rd eye/pineal gland opens and you become more aware. The arousal doesn't come from the root chakra but the 3rd eye and with bliss and joy from this cooperative and harmonic interaction it travels from the pineal into the root chakra and heals your heart. Your heart energy is you and it purifies and reignites the divine plan that you are whole from sacred sexuality and knowing how to please each other, to teach each other as a mutual blessing of becoming one being at the root chakra. Imagine this magical and natural way of being in your mind and in your body. Even if alone; you must know how to discover yourself, merge your own self in order to experience this with another blessing being.

This spark ignites and makes the world in which we dwell so natural so sacred as we all come from co creating via human, plant or animal. We all need a healing through this sexual interaction and sharing and feeling it travel

at the point of orgasm to the parts of the body you feel need it and the same with your partner. Feel this energy of yours at orgasm by thinking I share my energy which does not deplete but is sacred with you and the same with your partner. Visualize it happening at orgasm and then traveling up through the body to the heart and 3rd eye. You feel the bliss, the release, the wholeness and sacredness.

This is where you breath it in and see it as a warm glow inside and outside of you. Take it in and just breath holding it wherever needed and relax. Take time to play with this almost climax and slow down and then rise again this passion and energy several times and you learn endurance and patience that sex is not fast and quick but enjoyable and have valleys and mountains to experience in its rise and fall to a small simmer or to a raging fire. That is is not always the same and we open ourselves up being stronger by being vulnerable and whole. It has been an honor to share this with you. May you always keep the fire ignited in your heart, feel alive and honored. Thank you and my pleasure to serve and convey this to you. May you be blessed in your personal journey to Sacred Sexuality. Namaste, Peace to you and Much much fiery sparkling love for journey with Ganesh today. Thank you.


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