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The Bear and Hunter Journey with Sister Tree - Chrysalis

The Bear and Hunter Journey with Sister Tree - Chrysalis

The journey is emphasizing courage 3/25/2004. I am transported with my sacred body away from my earthly body both guarded by pure light for the lesson of self discovery.

I am being buried alive and a Puritan type people that preconceive me as a threat to keep me the same old Donna boxed in Donna untransformed. Does this sound familiar when people cannot understand you and want you to be who they wish you to be and not grow? I am told that nothing is going to happen to me physically as I see my face being covered and told by Chrysalis to "Keep fighting; it takes courage and keep fighting to dig your way out." I am and more mounds of dirt are poured on me. I am told if you want to breath; you will fight your way out and up and I exit the mound. I am brushing dirt off of me. I look around and see a forest but a Bear is coming at me. I think "cuddly bear' ; just needs love. 'No!" Chrysalis says. The Bear wants to attack you because you are in his territory. Fight!" In realms; your thoughts and intentions manifest what you need to see or use to move forward in the Light during journeys to dimensions.

I arm myself with shining armor and helmet with curved sword and swing at the Bear. I am fighting hard. Courage takes hard work and am thrashing the sword in the Bear back and forth. It fights for its life. Finally, I take my sword and shove it into the middle of the chest and thrust it into the Bear.

The Bear cries in agony and still thrashes towards me as he is dying and swings its arms and falls in death. I am told to take his claws for medicine healing and its tail to cut off. (No I do not eat or make elixirs but use the energy /medicine of the bear - family oriented, protector to reinforce the courage.) I place these items into a satchel as the crows caw. Then place the satchel underneath the chest armor for protection & maintaining the energy of the bear medicine.

I become alerted by the crows cawing in a circle in the treetops around me. I see the Bear's Spirit get out of its body and like its face is a very friendly expression calmly going to a honey heaven for bears.

I then shape-shift into a Bear to understand all perspectives inspired by the items in the satchel still teaching me my lessons of courage. A hunter fires a shot at me and grazes me. I am a brown bear and go running on all fours towards the hunter. He is small but becomes a large muscled man as I swing with my paws his weapons away from him. We wrestle for life. I swing at him and hit him several times and now he is on the ground. I am asked by Spirit: "What are you going to do?" I understand from being human and myself that I do not have to kill him as I come close to his face to bite into it and stop. I take the knife and the gun over my shoulders of the hunters and run to the nearby river and throw these in the river. The man is flabbergasted by such a deed from a Bear. He started laughing and he takes his canteen to leave and can't believe what mercy I have shown. I am off to forage for blackberries and look forward to laying in the dirt I will scrape away at the earth until I smell moist soil as big as my body and comfortably nap in the moist dirt and wake to find a tree to rub on just for scratching's sake.

I am then instructed to return to my body by Chrysalis to digest this energy into my earthly body to

complete alignment and understanding to work with these lessons taught by Sacred Bear medicine and

the choice of Unconditional Love instead of Destruction. I thank Spirit and Chrysalis for opening the door

to soul expansion journeys with me. Namaste.


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