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Creating Boundaries with Elementals (Fairies, Elves, Etc.)

Dear Folks;

I have recommended old books and authors during my Spiritual Journey. My dear concerned and magical friend advised me to update the alliances with Fairies. I have had couple of encounters only with Fairies but was always sent with my pure light protector. The rules with Fairies is don't get caught up into the party as they lose track of time and you being away from your body too long makes it more difficult to return. Fairies are wild at times and you must ground yourself and keep the protection up not to be dissuaded to stay longer or do things that you feel imposed upon your sacred or spiritual body. I have only had two encounters for my own Shamanic growth. In all things there is darkness and light and your intention before connecting with fairies is protection and light and understanding and going on the lesson like all journeys and returning safely into your earthly body. I mentioned the author Doreen Virtue. I used to love all her books about Elementals, nature spirits and other Shamanic subject matters as she married a Shamanic man but alas she has turned away from all of this and into Christianity and denied all alliances and connections. I just want you to be aware in my past I utilized her books but now her website is completely Christian and not all embracing. If she feels this way; I cannot control the struggles or challenges in her life. You just can't get wrapped up into the subjects to the point you lose yourself and sense of who you are and what you want to do. Please be aware she could be any religious person but how you take the information and act on it can be a downfall or empowering if you don't stick to taking care of your energy, your growth and create boundaries. I love fairies but I wouldn't let them guide me on my path as I am responsible for it. Don't lose yourself. I was born Christian but I do not engage too much with the Fairies only wanted to show you the possibility and the wisdom to share.

I hope this is helpful. You can be fond and love but you can be vigilant and keep your wits about you and boundaries. They are not in charge of you. You are...Yay. Growth.


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