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Creating your Boundaries with Tiger Medicine and Durga

Dear Ones;

There is no magic to what you are seeing right now. It is a time to go within. Find a spot in your home, a corner, a place you can sit quietly to reflect and create a circle as big as you are comfortable that identifies as your safe space.Tiger medicine will assist you in this task. The Tiger was ridden on by the Goddess Durga - Boundaries. She defeated the demons who other Gods could not. In India she is called the Devi and the Devi has many expressions of the Goddess. Each expression of Goddess explains the lessons, nature, and blessings in our lives. She defeated the demons no matter what form or formlessness changed into. She uses her weapons and all she has with total focus that she will not be violated, she will not be dragged into anxiety or fear. She knows none of these. She is a fierce teacher of boundaries and how much you soak in and what you deny into your own barrier of light by utilized the ancient circle from history that is the symbol of unity, unending and sacred. This will be the task you create. Yes, you can create and this is the lesson of the time.

Imagine a white light of fire marking your areas that no negativity can pass. Now think of what empowers you and inspires you and is loving and nurturing to you in your sacred space. Do not put people in your space; this is your space and your space alone. Do you like crystals, do you like flowers or plants, do you love aromatherapy, do you like color healing lights that are soft to see like the rose quartz soft pink, do you have totems or your favorite items like your Teddy bear, your favorite art, instruments or tools of creativity that have moved you and transformed you in all that has brought you peace. Create a space in your mind and decorate it in the way you would see your space to be. The mind is powerful and you can create this and breathe and sit in this space. Play soothing music and breath, centered, relaxing every muscle and sink and ground into Mother Earth. This is what I share with you from the Goddess Durga from India about boundaries.

Go to this space once a day and or morning upon rising. Chant your words or hmmmm which relaxes the body vibrations that strengthen your immune system. Breath in so much light that it is are the light and the Violet flame of healing and balance of the masculine and feminine and breath as you grow roots in this sacred space that cannot be removed once you sit there and activates your 3rd eye and crown chakra to receive the healing light flowing into every cells and muscle. As you do this, breath and love yourself in the space and know that this is yours and yours to own. You have the Divine right to have this space and respect other people's space as well. Relish the renewal and healing you have created by the focus of creating healthy boundaries. You are not always to say 'yes' and you are not required to resolve everything. You are not the the one as everyone is part of the divine plan to contribute to being their best self by doing this as a reminder that this is the power you have. You are powerful beings and choose to be. Do not be defeated; be strengthen with your effort to reconnect and raise your vibration. You are a High Vibration and treat yourself so as this is a gift you give to yourself. Happy space/nest making..Happy Renewal and Release and Focus of Sacred Space. Much Much Love Being Fierce Protector of Your Space and World you wish to create.


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