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Removing or Cutting Your Cords of Unhealthy Attachments 6/28/2021

Hello Earth Dwellers;

June 28, 2021

In this lifetime we meet many people or have situations or agreements or conditions we fulfill until they feel stagnant and uncomfortable. Do we play as if we need something like love, family or cohesiveness to the point we dismiss the ill behavior towards us? Do we talk ourselves out of leaving a person or situation that is totally unhealthy because it seems not so bad? Do you create a bubble of illusion that this is okay now? Do we dismiss the truth of unempowering connections because we are not ready to let go of someone or something that is not in alignment with our divine path? It is time to revisit the time when we are attached to this person, situation or agreement (spoken or unspoken) in order to comfort ourselves in doing nothing?

Well, it is time to see these attachments as cords. The unhealthy cords catch hold of us and another person/situation involved that we no longer desire to be connected this way. We are ready to grow and no longer forget the truth we know so well that this doesn’t service me anymore.

In the meditation; we will identify the unhealthy cords, where there are attached from you to the person/agreement that no longer need be part of you. Cords that hold us both stagnantly that no healing or peace is gifted you. Freedom is a gift you need to find for yourself.

Just sit down or lay down and relax; imagine you are a tree and your trunk is going down and growing roots into the Earth. Allow yourself to feel the texture of the soil, to smell the earthy soil and to see what nature unfolds for you in this sanctuary of the mind. When we create a sanctuary; we have protection from all that does not empower us or serve us any longer. Our Pure Light Helpers are here to guide, guard and protect both your earthly and sacred body. Your Sacred body will travel in a light dimension for this Universal Life Lesson.

Keeping your eyes closed...You start to breathe in pure grounding green sweet grass smelling light. It enfolds you and surrounds you. The sweet smells welcome you senses to understand that we are all One. We breathe in this sweetness that feeds our soul and our bodies into relaxation and breathing. We breathe out the stagnant energies or feeling stuck. We allow our bodies to relax as if held with the loving hands of your Pure Light helpers. These may be your guides, angels, Ancestors or Power Animals and envision them in front and surrounding you. It doesn't matter how many. Take notice of your Allegiance to Growth Team. While you continue to breathe and relax in this sweet journey; you feel all your muscles surrender to the comfort of this exercise of cutting cords. Cutting cords is not harmful or damaging. It is the unhealthy ties that are damaging and interfering with your focus and stay on your Divine Path.

Now you are safe to allow your Sacred body to take this journey as your earthly body is as well. You are taken to the chambers in the Council of Twelve. These are the ones your soul knows so well inside a room where planetary models are. This is where you plan before becoming flesh of your lessons of expansion and agreements to grow. You see yourself and how you would look, where you will live and your purpose and how you shall reach this soul expansion living on Earth. You discuss what your characters in your illusion of reality of life will be to inspire, to push or to discomfort you to meet your challenges and your trials. You understand the big plan before you incarnate. You look deeply as a screen pops up and see some of your planned journeys of growth. These are changed and altered due to your soul expansion. You look deeply and then you see a pool of water from the ocean near your destination. You reflect and go to this ocean and see the expansion and smell the salty air. You continue to look deeply into the pool until you see your reflection as you land on a beach. The beach is empty of people and you are in another sanctuary. You hear the gentle waves lap the beach sand and feel now the pull and push of these waves as you sit down feeling hypnotized by the waves to relax for the cords discovery. It is a sunny day with gentle clouds of white and you lay down on the sand and look at the clouds and shapes. Then you close your eyes to see in the center of your mind the person to cut cords with. You know who it is as you feel their imprint in your mind. You start to tense up but you remind yourself that this is your sanctuary and you cannot be touched. The person or situation is only to be observed. They cannot touch you as if an invisible angelic field is around you.There is your group of healers, ancestors, angels or guides with you and they have built a fire for your comfort. They ask you to see any cords to this person/situation. They simply tell you where this person has attached to you and then see the cords attached to them. Do you take notice of the size, texture, color of the cords? What do the cords mean to you? How did they come to be?

You take the cords one at a time that are attached to you breathing and are ready to claim your power and no longer be attached to them as well. You pull hard from you and from them. Your guides, angels or Ancestors are healing your wounds by filling it with loving liquid. It pools in this area until all is healed. You breathe and then send the cords into the fire to burn away. Watch it burn as you become emancipated. You are no longer a slave to this person or agreement. When ready you do the same taking your time and breathing to remove any other cords and do the same again pulling and announcing your emancipation to this person and situation and again til your healers fill your gaps with loving liquid into wholeness. Now breathe and feel the completeness you are. Take your time. If you are satisfied by doing one cord and wish to process and address this first before returning to this exercise of emancipation and cutting cords; then please do so. You are the Creator of your own Power and Peace in Truth and Love.

Then after you thank your healers; you forage to find nature’s gifts for them in gratitude on this sanctuary of sanctuaries. Your Sacred body lifts up floating off the beach away from the ocean back into the chambers and thank the Council of Twelve and gently float back into your earthly body to emphasize the vibration of cutting cords and your emancipation. No longer a slave to agree to the roles and situations. No longer to be forgotten by you or sacrifice your mental, physical and soulful health. You are satisfied as filled with your Wholeness and when ready you open your eyes into your own Divinity with Gratitude and Freedom. Congratulations and if you were only able to do one cord; then you are fine. You are welcome to try again another time. Life is a beautiful journey from your choice to be whole and free again. Namaste, Peace to you and thank you for being here.


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