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Day of the Dead - Honoring your Ancestors 10/31/19

By Blue Thunder

Hello Beloved Earth Dwellers; It was a beautiful night to honor your ancestors. The Goddess Mictecacahuatl of the Underworld would be the Goddess to teach us the Universal Lesson of the Time. The Underworld is the space where the dead and their bones are kept until the loved ones below send healing, love and forgiveness to the Ancestors/Departed for them to move onto the Upperworld. In other words, it is the realm where it is neither hell nor heaven. A holding station until the departed receives a mutual healing from the Earth Dwelling Loved Ones.It is also known when she carried bones and mixed them up and dropped these on different continents; that the different races were created. She is here for all not only Aztecan/Mexican but for all races to assist in meeting mutual healing in both realms. The story of the Mictecacahuatl is that she was born on earth and a human sacrifice as a baby as an honor in Aztec tradition to appease the Sun God - Huitzipolti to keep darkness at bay.  She became the wife of the King of the Underworld called "Mictlancohtl. The traditions were changed when the Spaniards conquered the Aztecs  with Christian thought after the Spaniards witnessed human sacrifice of the Aztecs in the traditions of ceremony. Hence the name of this annual tradition was changed to "Dia de Los Muertos" - The Day of the Dead. Feel at ease as no more human sacrifices are carried on today. The Aztecs numbers decreased from Spaniards conquering them and brought disease to the community. Let us continue this journey starting from the Earthly domain and in this room. it is the time the veils thin between earthly and the realm of the dead that allows us to send our love and healing by displaying their photos, poems and foods or hobbies, flowers or songs and occupation that the departed loved doing or being. The Goddess Mictecacahuatl is here to assist you in facilitating this tradition. I ask that each and everyone of you relax into the Light. Breath in this Light that is pure and white with your nose from the top of your head into your lungs, body and heart and then with you mouth release the stagnant energies or other people's energies. We will honor the beloveds whether human or animal. Do this about 6 to 10 times.  As you breath in Pure Light and you continue to breath into your lungs, heart and body. You understand to breath this into your mind, into your body and soul. We are Temples of Flesh and a Soul walking this Earth. We come from the Earth and will return to the Earth. It is that simple. Now you breath very softly and gently now connected to Mother Earth as you always have been part of her. Your body relaxes, and your muscles relax as your Sacred body goes on a journey. As you look in the distance; there is a Portal of Light that goes down into the Underworld where the Goddess is the ward of your departed/ancestors. You are drawn to this and gently float downwards into the Underworld. The Goddess reminds you that it is not your time to come to dwell in the Underworld. It is for the purpose of meeting your Ancestors/Departed for love, healing, forgiveness and peace. Forgiveness of any unhealthy connections. She reminds you there is nothing to fear, that there is no room for fear, negativity or doubt. As you reach the Underworld (called Mictlan in Aztec); you are facing the Goddess. She is wearing plumes of feathers and skulls as her headdress and skulls as her jewelry. Her gown is made from many beautiful beaming skulls and her cloak is black with small black feathers around her neck. She is painted like death but her eyes look into yours with Love. She tells you that is time to visit your Ancestor/Departed.  She begins to walk down a road filled with brilliant yellow marigolds and you follow her as you look down at your feet; your feet are bare and feeling the soft marigold petals beneath them. As you walk; you notice there is a Moon in the Underworld. It is big and full and bright and there is a midst in the air and the stars are sprinkled that the Moon and stars add light in the dark domain. You see the veils are thinning as the clouds part and the mist disappears; your Ancestor/Departed's shape is coming towards you. You feel the connection and recognize each other. There are things that were unsaid between you and your Ancestor/Departed and you both sit across from each others on piles of marigold petals. You look into each other's eyes and you begin to say what you need in order to heal, give peace, honor and forgiveness. If there is no love connection; you can see the need for peace within you and see the unhealthy cords connected from your Ancestors/Departed to your heart. As you speak the cords are visible and your Ancestors/Departed speaks both of your cords are diminishing as love comes into your heart and into theirs. Forgiveness in order for you to live a life of peace still on earth and release your Ancestor/Departed into the Upperworld. As you see each other's hearts; you see they are lighted up with bright light from the mutual healing. Your Ancestor's/Departed's shell is filled with so much light as your shoulder's are lightened of any burden of pain or unresolution like wings given to yourself and your Ancestor to fly.  Now is the time to say thank you and farewell to your Ancestor/Departed and this light lifts them towards the Upperworld. Where is finally love, peace, healing and forgiveness. You are filled with all of this and give thanks to Goddess Mictecacahuatl for her Lesson. She gifts you a crown of marigolds and she points to the Portal of Light for you to travel back up into this room, onto this Earth into your Earthly body to share this healing experience. She tells you; you may visit any time but it is not your time to stay. You float back up the Portal and ground yourself. Feeling love, peace, healed and forgiveness.  It was an honor to serve you and the Ancestors/Departed. Until next year; we meet again as the cycle of life and death continues and you are comforted of being a beautiful soul walking this earth in flesh. My love to you, peace to you and Namaste.


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